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GlobalNewsBusiness/PolicyCanadaUnited States

December 20, 2022
Ag in brief: Tractor sales trend down in U.S., Canada


June 7, 2022
Vietnam, U.S. collaborating on African swine fever vaccine in hopes to save hogs, lower pork prices


April 21, 2022
Manure suppliers run short as fertilizer prices soar

GlobalFeaturesBusiness/PolicyFuture Planning

February 4, 2022
From the Editor: Innovation has the power to unify


January 25, 2022
Scottish farmers have five years to phase out broadcast slurry spreading


July 12, 2021
Vote for the ultimate rejected Manure Expo slogan!

GlobalNewsAnaerobic DigestionBiogasBusiness/PolicyEnergy

March 22, 2021
Check it out: Weltec commissions biogas plant in Finland


March 1, 2021
Weltec selected for anaerobic wastewater project


February 8, 2021
From the editor: The only certainty

GlobalNewsBusiness/PolicyUnited States

March 26, 2020
Effects of COVID-19 on U.S. agriculture

GlobalNewsBusiness/PolicyCanadaUnited States

March 19, 2020
Effects of COVID-19 on Canadian agriculture


October 24, 2019
Cow power: Toyota’s new car can run on hydrogen from Irish manure


September 24, 2019
Canadian ag minister unveils $1.75B in compensation for dairy farmers harmed by trade deals

GlobalNewsAnimal HousingManure Management

July 15, 2019
Manure surplus solved by selling it

GlobalFeaturesAnaerobic DigestionBiofuelsBiogasEnergyEnergy ProductionEnvironmentFuture PlanningProductionSustainability

July 2, 2019
Powering trucks with cow manure

GlobalNewsBusiness/PolicyDiseasesLivestock ProductionProductionProtectionSustainabilityUnited States

June 25, 2019
African Swine Fever abroad creates waves for U.S. agriculture

GlobalFeaturesBusiness/PolicyEnvironment ResearchManure ManagementProfilesResearchSustainability

April 30, 2019
Why researchers are mapping the world’s manure

GlobalNewsLivestock ProductionSustainabilityUnited States

April 16, 2019
NPPC cancels 2019 World Pork Expo as precaution

GlobalFeaturesApplicationsBusiness/PolicyDairyFuture PlanningLivestock ProductionProduction

April 12, 2019
Updated IDF Guide to Good Animal Welfare in Dairy Production released

GlobalNewsAnimal HousingLivestock ProductionPrograms Grants & AwardsSustainability

February 19, 2019
NSF International introduces global animal wellness standards

GlobalFeaturesAnaerobic DigestionEnergyEnergy ProductionManure ManagementPoultry ProductionProfilesSuccess in Agriculture

February 14, 2019
Transforming litter to clean energy

GlobalFeaturesAnaerobic DigestionBiofuelsBiogasEnergyEquipmentFuture PlanningLivestock ProductionManure ApplicationProductionSuccess in Agriculture

January 16, 2019
From the Editor: European expertise

GlobalFeaturesBusiness/PolicyCompaniesEquipmentManure ApplicationManure ManagementPrograms Grants & AwardsSuccess in AgricultureUnited States

October 9, 2018
PCE helps bring first dragline system to Serbia

GlobalFeaturesBiofuelsBiogasEnergyFuture PlanningLivestock ProductionManure ApplicationSuccess in Agriculture

September 14, 2018
Bluetector builds first manure treatment plant for a farmer in Germany

GlobalNewsLivestock ProductionManure ManagementProduction

August 10, 2018
Major Chinese pig farmer caught flouting rules on manure treatment


June 2, 2018
Innovative process for environmentally friendly manure treatment comes onto the market

GlobalFeaturesAir qualityEnvironmentEnvironment ProtectionLivestock ProductionRegulationsResearchSustainability

May 28, 2018
Livestock emissions aren’t about to destroy the world, researcher says

GlobalNewsEnvironmentFuture PlanningResearch

May 4, 2018
New research into better nutrient management of slurry