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Check it out: Weltec commissions biogas plant in Finland

March 22, 2021  by  Bree Rody

There’s a new biogas plant in Finland – in the livestock-heavy southwestern region near Turku.

Weltec Biopower collaborated with its longstanding Finnish partner Doranova to construct the plant, a 250-kW plant that runs entirely from liquid manure from a group of three pig farmers. The plant was constructed as part of an effort in Finland to move toward more sustainable power created from nutrient recycling, aiming toward climate neutrality.

The country has a goal to process 50 percent of its annual animal waste – an estimated 17.3 million tonnes – by 2025.

Currently, three fattening houses are being built, in addition to the current piglet production sites. This will allow 40,000 tonnes of pig manure as input material for the plant’s stainless steel digester, which as a capacity of 4,903 m3.


The heat generated will preheat the liquid manure. Heat loss in winter will be minimized through an extra-thick insulation layer. The digestate is then separated, allowing it to be transported to areas in need of nutrients.


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