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Scottish farmers have five years to phase out broadcast slurry spreading

January 25, 2022  by  Bree Rody

Starting this month, Scottish farmers and custom applicators have five years to adapt to new amendments to the Scottish Water Environment (Controlled Activities) Regulations 2011. This includes changes on the storage of slurry and digestate to reduce leakage, as well as more targeted slurry spreading in order to maximize nutrient benefit and reduce emissions.

Broadcast spreading of slurries by splash plates will be phased out, while spreading equipment will eventually have to be low-emission and high-precision.

Additionally, all farms must have adequate slurry storage – 22 weeks’ worth for those keeping cattle, 26 weeks for pigs. Farm lobby group NFUS was successful in its efforts to lobby the government to allow slurry storage built prior to 1991 to remain, provided they are fit for purpose. If a pre-1991 storage system is to be “reconstructed or enlarged” to meet storage requirements, then it will no longer be exempt and must comply with the current British standards.

For more information on the amendments, click here.



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