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Check it out: Arlington Research Station and agronomy tour

April 23, 2024  by  Bree Rody

With the 2024 North American Manure Expo fast approaching, it’s always a good time to look back at the offerings of Expos past.

In 2023, when the Expo hit Arlington, WI, attendees got an up-close look at the effects of dairy-forage rotation on crops at UW-Madison’s on-site research station, as part of the Wisconsin Integrated Cropping Systems Trial, a long-term (34-year) experiment looking at how cropping systems impact yield, profitability and soil health.

Tour leader Gregg Sanford of UW department of plant and agricultural-ecosystem sciences, also detailed a project with several universities, the Dairy Soil Water Regeneration Project, which looks at alternate manure products and their impact on carbon, soil health and GHG emissions.


“[The project] is primarily focused not he differences between liquid manure, composted dairy manure and livestock water recycling manure product… how those function agronomically, what the effects are on soil carbon and how they affect greenhouse gases.”

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