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Vietnam, U.S. collaborating on African swine fever vaccine in hopes to save hogs, lower pork prices

June 7, 2022  by Manure Manager

There could soon be a solution to African swine fever virus in hog herds.

African swine fever virus is not novel and is harmless to humans, but has nevertheless hurt farmers in Asia in recent years, as well as in Europe and Central America. China and other key buyers banned imports of pork from Germany in late 2020 after cases were confirmed among wild animals in the country, and some countries have seen higher pork prices following the onset of outbreaks.

A new development could mitigate the effects of the disease thanks to a partnership between scientists with the USDA Agricultural Research Service (ARS) and the Vietnam ministry of agriculture. In April, scientists with the ARS announced that its vaccine candidate had passed a key test required for regulatory approval. Researchers have said the vaccine provides immunity in pigs for up to six months.

Now, the government of Vietnam has announced that it will produce the vaccine for the U.S., and is looking to export the vaccine.



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