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Manure surplus solved by selling it

July 15, 2019  by Pig Progress

French swine farmer Bernard Rouxel joined the initiative of French pig cooperative Cooperl to start with a new plan to valorise manure in an innovative manner. 

At first glance, the new finisher house design of Bernard Rouxel appears to be similar to any other pig house in Brittany, France, but the most interesting about this facility can be found underneath the floor. Using cutting edge manure pit design, a construction called ‘Trac’ technology was built where urine and the manures thick fraction are immediately separated and stored in different places. In addition – also happening subterraneous – fresh air is constantly being sent into the compartments using air channels, while pungent air is actively being extracted from the pits. In short, manure removal and air ventilation are parts of the same, integrated pig house design. | READ MORE


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