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May 8, 2015 – The 2015 North American Manure Expo, taking place July 14 and 15, 2015, near Chambersburg, Penn., will soon be here. The annual event provides an opportunity for custom applicators and livestock producers to advance their knowledge of manure-nutrient utilization while showcasing the latest technology in manure handling, treatment and application.

Activities get underway July 14 with tour day. Attendees can register to take part in one of several tour options. Topics include dairy/agitation, small farm-equine and a half-day agitation demonstration tour. All the tours will meet up at a dairy farm for a vendor demonstration of dragline application and manure agitation equipment, including stationary and boat technologies. Following the demonstration, the participants will return to the expo grounds where they can visit trade show vendors and attend several educational sessions through the evening.

The key to Manure Expo is demonstrations and 2015 offers a wide variety, including both solid and liquid manure application. July 15 provides an opportunity for attendees to view side-by-side demonstrations of equipment, allowing them to view and compare technologies. Nowhere else can the audience kick the tires in such a large, industry-specific forum.

The 2015 expo theme is Manure Than You Can Handle, which reflects the wide range of continuing education opportunities the event offers. Here, certified manure haulers and farmers can learn about important topics surrounding this critical area of animal production. The scope of the event allows exposure of experts from across the U.S. and even worldwide.

Another important element of Manure Expo is the one-of-a-kind trade show. The event planning committee will transform a field of wheat stubble into a mini manure city, providing attendees an opportunity to talk to manufacturers, dealers and other experts in the manure industry.

As the Manure Expo continues to evolve every year, one new promotional twist for 2015 is a T-shirt contest that is just plain fun.

The slogan for the Pennsylvania show – 2015 Manure Expo: Manure than you can Handle! – is an amusing play on words. To help continue the fun, a T-shirt with the slogan on the front is being created. On the back of the shirt will be the “Top 10 Rejected Manure Expo Slogans.”

More than 400 suggestions have been collected to date but organizers are sure that some of the crappiest have yet to be suggested. A few examples include:

  • Manure Expo: Immerse yourself
  • Manure Expo: Where nobody stands behind their product
  • You provide the creek, we provide the paddle

Slogans are being collected through May 15 so you still have time to submit a slogan by visiting and following the links. Alternatively, you can submit slogans to Manure Expo co-chair Robb Meinen at, (814) 865-5986.

T-shirts will be available for free to the first 600 people that register for the event on the website and redeem their printed registration form at the Manure Manager magazine booth on July 15. Shirts will be available for purchase on the website in the weeks leading up to, and after, the Manure Expo, although shipment will not occur until after July 15 – we wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise of discovering which rejected slogans were chosen.

People who submit a slogan that makes the T-shirt will receive a free shirt.

To learn more and register for events, visit


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