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Online biogas calculator checks energy potential

May 8, 2015  by Press release

May 8, 2015 – PlanET Biogas Global has published a brand new online tool, which enables farmers to check out the energy potential of their substrates.

The biogas project calculator is free of charge and provides its users a first impression regarding a suitable mix of substrates for an efficient biogas production. The new online calculator is available on the PlanET Biogas Global website now:

“During my daily consultant work I have realized that most farmers are interested in the energy potential of their available substrates, especially in the beginning of any planning,” said Hanna Garbert, international sales consultant from PlanET Biogas Global. “Everyone who considers developing a biogas project is now able to quickly check out, if and in which size a biogas production is possible on his farm.”

The experienced sales consultant hopes the biogas calculator is helpful for interested farmers.


“This biogas calculator is a rough guideline for our clients, certainly we carry out concrete feasibility calculations in a following step in which country-specific regulations such as feed in tariffs are being considered.”


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