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Iowa DNR investigates manure spill

May 11, 2015  by Press release

May 11, 2015, Melvin, IA – An estimated 14,000 gallons of liquid manure was released recently from an 1,800 head hog confinement west of Melvin in Osceola County.

The release occurred when a line from the confinement building to the lagoon became plugged, causing the liquid manure to run across the ground surface to a tile intake that outlets to an unnamed tributary to the Floyd River.

The owner responded by placing large hay bales in the waterway downstream from the tile outlet. The liquid manure is being pumped back into the lagoon and the tile line is being flushed. Pumping will continue until the ammonia levels in the contained part of the stream return to normal. No fish kill occurred because the stream was too shallow for fish along the approximately one-fourth of a mile of waterway.

The spill was reported by the owners of the facility.


Environmental specialists from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources were on the scene to monitor the cleanup efforts.


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