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Equipment: Bazooka Farmstar unveils new Infinity Boom Truck

December 13, 2023  by Manure Manager

Bazooka Farmstar has unveiled its new Infinity Boom Truck. With an 85-foot four-section steel boom, the Infinity provides reach and flexibility for accessing tricky pump-out locations. The expansive range of motion offered by 270 degrees of boom rotation takes all the strain out of setup.

Powerful, high-capacity pumping packages paired with Bazooka’s 18″ white iron submersible pump make short work of high-volume manure pumping. The standard pump and engine package will offer up to 3750 GPM, and higher flow packages are available. The optional rotating agitation nozzle allows you to agitate fluids while pumping at full capacity of 3,000 GPM at 175 PSI.

The boom design is built for 8-10″ plumbing and no elbow fittings; instead, it utilizes a flexible hose for maximum flow.


The forward-mounted superstructure transfers loads directly between the outriggers and the boom, bypassing the truck frame entirely. The boom is supported on its own outriggers, reducing the load on the truck frame when the boom is extended.

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