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Bion unveils waste treatment tech at Fair Oaks, reports positive early results

August 15, 2023  by  Bree Rody

Livestock waste treatment specialists Bion Environmental Technologies recently completed initial system startup at its Fair Oaks demonstration facility and says it is is “very encouraged” by early operational results. Bion has already been able to operate the system at ‘steady state’ for (planned) short run-times, producing purified, concentrated ammonium bicarbonate base liquid distillate from manure digestate.

The company anticipates it will operate the integrated Ammonia Recovery System (ARS) for the next three to four weeks weeks during the current operational phase – processing manure digestate. Steady state operational optimization will continue for at least an additional 8 weeks, to produce repeatable operating data that supports (or surpasses) the existing economic models. Bion will use the optimized operating data to complete the final design of the 15,000-head modules that will make up full-scale projects, that today include Olson Feeders, Dakota Valley Growers and Ribbonwire Ranch.


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