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Brightmark, Chevron expand partnership to more RNG projects

August 25, 2021  by  Bree Rody

Brightmark and Chevron will once again expand their previously announced joint venture, Brightmark RNG Holdings, to more projects across the U.S. to produce and market biome thane from dairy cows.

Currently, the joint venture includes projects in New York, Michigan, Florida, South Dakota and Arizona. Additional funding will be committed to 10 biome thane projects, including new sites in Iowa and Wisconsin, as well as more sites in Michigan and South Dakota. Chevron will be responsible for the producing and marketing of the RNG produced from these ventures.

“This latest expansion with Brightmark advances our strategy of higher returns and lower carbon,” said Andy Walz, president of Chevron’s Americas Fuels & Lubricants in the statement. “Opportunities like these not only reaffirm our commitment to investing in ways that are good for the environment, our consumers and our stockholders, they also bolster our previously announced objective to increase RNG volumes tenfold by 2025 over 2020 volumes.”

“Brightmark’s expanded partnership with Chevron is another positive step forward in the decarbonization of the farming industry,” added Bob Powell, founder and chief executive officer of Brightmark. “Our carbon-negative projects are successfully reimagining waste and delivering significant environmental benefits while improving economics for our dairy farm partners. We look forward to executing on these new RNG projects with Chevron and partnering with dairy farmers to expand our RNG footprint across the country.”


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