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Around the world: CNH develops TL5 ‘Acessível’ accessible tractor

January 4, 2024  by Manure Manager

In 2022, Brazilian farmer Fernando Dalmolin suffered an accident, leaving him with lower limb disabilities.

Dalmolin collaborated with New Holland Agriculture’s Curitiba, Brazil plant to develop the TL5 Accessível tractor, an accessible tractor designed specifically for people with lower limb disabilities.

According to the 2019 National Health Survey, published by the Brazilian Ministry of Health together with the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics, Brazil has 17.3 million people over the age of two with some type of disability (8.4 percent of this population), with 7.8 million having physical lower limb disabilities. Of the total number of people with a disability in Brazil, 2.9 million live in rural households.


First presented as a concept tractor at Rural Coopavel and Expodireto Cotrijal in 2020 – two of the main agricultural fairs in the country – it met with both public and press acclaim. The final product has been created in partnership with the inclusive mobility company Elevittá, Arteprima and Senai from São Leopoldo (RS).


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