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On track: July-August 2010

June 29, 2010  by On TRACK

No hassles with Hose Hustler II
Hose Hustler Model II (Pat. Pend.) from Bazooka Farmstar is a
time-saving tool that also improves hose longevity – a must for the
drag hose operator.
No hassles with Hose Hustler II


Hose Hustler Model II (Pat. Pend.) from Bazooka Farmstar is a time-saving tool that also improves hose longevity – a must for the drag hose operator. The Hose Hustler II enables you to move the hose while still injecting. You can position the hose out eight feet from the existing path, by simply driving alongside the hose rather than picking up hose every 100 feet and repositioning – the old method. You can position hose to an area you have already injected, eliminating the diagonal streak that occurs if you do not move the supply hose. The Hose Hustler II can help move hose around obstacles on building sites and in the field such as potholes, creeks and trees. Whether you are a new or experienced operator, the Hose Hustler II makes you look like a pro, saving time, money and the life of the hose.

H&S Top Shot side discharge spreader offers good spread pattern


H&S Manufacturing of Marshfield, Wis., introduces the Top Shot side discharge manure spreader. The H&S Top Shot will be available in three sizes and models: 5120/2000 gallon, 5126/2600 gallon, and 5134/3400 gallon. The right side Top Shot discharge expeller system features a new style fine spread pan, additional side shields to cut down on drift of material to the tractor or spreader, and an adjustable top expeller shield. All of these features, along with a high-speed expeller, provide an excellent spread pattern. Features include a variety of tire options, and the Digi-Star Nutrient Management Scale System with combined GPS and weight verification for accurate manure application and reporting.


IEC floating and modular covers high quality, flexible and durable


Industrial & Environmental Concepts, Inc. (IEC) is widely recognized worldwide as a leader in the design, fabrication and installation of floating covers for ponds, tanks and lagoons. Since 1993, the company has served the floating cover and modular cover markets, and has designed, fabricated and installed floating covers for more than 500 projects.

IEC cover products – including pond, tank, lagoon and floating covers – are designed to provide many years of lasting service in a variety of environments and applications. IEC’s unique patented modular cover is unmatched in terms of quality, flexibility and durability, and offers many advantages over traditional covers.

IEC’s full-time staff of certified designers, fabricators and installers ensures the highest quality products and services. With more than 15 years of experience in the cover and liner industry, IEC’s top management possesses the expertise and commitment required to successfully complete projects of any size.

Digi-Star Nutrient Tracker does it all with one touch
Digi-Star LLC has introduced Nutrient Tracker, a new application management and documentation system for manure- or fertilizer-spreading operations. It is the first system to be specifically developed as an interface with manure spreaders, and offers significant benefits for record keeping and documentation in the field, along with report generation and management features in the office.

The NT460 uniquely designed indicator can be cab-mounted to allow the operator to record data regarding farm and field name, load numbers, load weights, application rates and accumulated totals. Keys with symbols facilitate entering or modifying field data. Using the indicator, operators can monitor the application rate on-the-go, and the system easily generates reports in PDF or Excel formats. Operators can store all weight and GPS information to USB memory devices and transfer the data to Nutrient Tracker PC software.
The NT 460 scale indicator displays actual tons-per-acre and allows operators to calculate fertilizer value of their manure with scales on the spreader.

The system is user-friendly and provides easy training for operators. Its unique start/stop feature records application amounts, time, date, field names, and GPS coordinate data for each load. The operator simply pushes “start” when he begins to unload, and “stop” when completed. The system does the rest.


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