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OH’s Manure Science Review draws good crowd

August 13, 2013  by Brownfield Ag News

August 13, 2013, Bucyrus, OH – It’s always a good thing when attendance at your event surpasses what you thought. That was the case at Manure Science Review held Aug. 6 at Hord Livestock Farms near Bucyrus, OH.

“We had nice turnout, we thought we’d have close to 150 and I think we’re up about 25 over that,” said Glen Arnold, Ohio State University Extension manure nutrient management specialist. “What we like to do is move Manure Science Review around to different parts of the state and let folks see what type of newer technology there is, what type of research is being conducted, some of the results and the potential things they might want to involve their farm with down the road.” READ MORE


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