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Midwest Pork Conference will include manure issues

November 9, 2012  by  Marg Land

November 9, 2012, Danville, IN – The 2012 Midwest Pork Conference, being held Dec. 4 at the Hendricks County Conference Complex, will feature discussion of manure management issues and Indiana’s CAFO rules.

In the morning, Dr. Brian Richert and Dr. Tony Vyn of Purdue University, and Andy Tauer of the Indiana Soybean Alliance will be presenting on manure foam prevention – what causes it and what can be done to control it, nitrogen stabilizers – what’s new and do they deserve another look – and the phosphorous standard – how does it affect farmers?

In the afternoon, Josh Trenary of Indiana Pork will be discussing Indiana’s CFO/CAFO rules and any current and emerging issues that have occurred since its adoption in July 1, 2012. Indiana’s new Confined Feeding Operation rules now regulate nearly all permitted livestock facilities in the state. Now that most large CAFOs in Indiana are regulated under the same rules as their CFO size counterparts, some “growing pains” are bound to occur. This session will discuss producers’ concerns regarding these types of issues and what is being done to address them.

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