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Manure overflow investigated in Taylor County, IA

January 6, 2016  by Iowa Department of Natural Resources

January 6, 2016, Lenox, IA – A manure overflow at a small hog finishing farm about three miles southwest of Lenox was recently investigated by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.

A passerby noticed the pit at the facility appeared to be overflowing and alerted the DNR. The buildings at the site have shallow under-building pits. When the pits are full, they are drained into an outdoor concrete tank. It is believed that employees emptied the shallow under-building pits at the facility on Dec. 30, causing manure to overflow from the tank.

The tank was not overflowing the next day, but a path where manure had flowed was still visible and field tests indicated slightly elevated levels of ammonia in water flowing into an unnamed tributary of the East Fork of the One Hundred and Two River. The operator contacted a commercial manure hauler to land apply manure from the tank in order to prevent further overflows.

The DNR is continuing to investigate the incident and will consider appropriate enforcement action.



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