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IA manure spill affects nearly two miles of stream

July 4, 2016  by Iowa Department of Natural Resources

July 4, 2016, Sutherland, IA – Approximately 2,500 fish were killed along nearly two miles of Barry Creek following a manure spill June 30 northeast of Sutherland in O’Brien County.

The fish killed were smaller species including minnows, shiners, stonerollers and chubs. Live fish were also observed in the stream.

The spill occurred when a hose broke from manure being transferred between two tanks at a hog operation. An estimated 5,000 gallons of liquid manure was spilled. The manure release was quickly stopped and an area above the creek was dammed to contain the remaining spilled manure.

By July 1, the manure had been cleaned up at the site. A pump was used to reduce the amount of manure in the stream. It does not appear that the manure spill adversely impacted Waterman Creek downstream.


The Iowa Department of Natural Resources is continuing to monitor the incident and will take appropriate enforcement action.


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