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Manure machinery highlighted at Agritechnica

The first Agritechnica hosted since 2019 unveiled the latest in trailers, tractors, wagons and more.

March 26, 2024  by Chris McCullough

The new Krampe ProBody 760 trailer can haul up to 24 tonnes at 40km/hr. Image courtesy of Krampe

Farm equipment designed to make handling and spreading manure easier featured among the thousands of stands at the world’s biggest agricultural machinery show, Agritechnica, in Germany.

While a huge emphasis was on autonomous technology, other manufacturers launched machinery that are designed to help lower emissions kicked up by the agricultural industry.  Held at the end of 2023, the show provided a total of 24 halls of farm machinery and technology for the record 470,000, who returned to the biannual event for the first time since 2019.

In total, 2,812 exhibitors from 52 countries supported the show organised by the DLG, German Agricultural Society. The next Agritechnica will take place from November 9 to 15, 2025.

Here are a few highlights of the show. 


Krampe ProBody 760 trailer
If you want to shift farmyard manure, or any other commodity, Krampe’s new ProBody 760 trailer will do the job. This trailer can haul 24 tonnes at 40km/hour and has a body capacity of up to 40 cubic metres, using extension sides. The normal grain body itself is 2m tall, 2.32m wide and is 8m long, while loading height is 3.57m.

The inclined front wall increases the loading volume while maintaining manoeuvrability and overall length. A large inspection window provides an easy view into the body. The angle of the front wall facilitates load sliding, ensuring faster and safer unloading.

Chassis is made of large-volume rectangular tube 300 x 150 mm, has a suspended, height-adjustable drawbar for low hitch position with flanged 80mm ball head coupling.

Joskin 12m slurry boom
Joskin showed its new high performance 12m slurry boom in its Start range. Whereas the previous 12m model had a single macerator to distribute the slurry into the 44 hoses, the new version is now equipped with two Scalper macerators and four additional hoses. 

In total, there are now 48 hoses, with a 25cm row spacing, compared with 28cm previously. While the presence of two macerators ensures a better slurry distribution, it also increases the working speed since there is a higher flow of slurry at the tank outlet.

This model is also equipped with gauge wheels on both sides of the boom. These improvements can be found on both the Pendislide Start version with skids and the Penditwist Start version with line hoses.

SlurryKat Farmline 10.5m Trailing Shoe
Northern Ireland-based SlurryKat displayed its new Farmline 9m and 10.5m trailing shoe. The new 9m model weighs 600kgs and the 10.5m model is 636kgs. Both the 9m and the 10.5m models exhibit unique inverted booms in the transport position.

The extra width for the new models was achieved by adding a novel flip-over end section on the side arms, which is operated by a hydraulic cylinder.

With flip-up shoes on the central and outer sections, this makes it easier for the operator to make headland turns. Also, the machine does not need to be folded up to reverse, all the operator has to do is flip up the shoes, carry out the manoeuvre, then drop the shoes and work away.

Steyr Hybrid CVT tractor
Steyr’s new Hybrid CVT tractor, based on the 180hp Steyr 6175 Impuls CVT platform, featured on the stand. Power is boosted to 260hp by the electrically powered front axle, which also features a newly-developed independent suspension.

The combination of higher power in a lighter package is made possible primarily because of the combination of hydro-mechanical CVT drive to the rear axle and the hybrid module on the front axle, both of which can be combined with an intelligent 4wd clutch.

The E-CVT function means the tractor is powered purely hybrid-electrically at up to 75kW and a low 1,100rpm, enhancing comfort with non-constant PTO loads such as big square baler work, and maintaining ground speed via electric drive, with no mechanical connection with the engine. 

The Case IH Quadtrac 715 tractor.
Image courtesy of Case IH

Case IH Quadtrac 715
Case IH showcased its new Quadtrac 715 tractor, rated at 715hp. At the heart of this machine is the FPT Cursor 16 engine, which delivers up to 778hp at maximum power. Together with increased torque, improved engine power, an 11 percent larger fuel tank and other improvements, Case IH says this beast will deliver high productivity.

Maximum pump flow rate is 428l/min and it has the 16 speed Powerdrive transmission for smoothness in the field. 

Only available in tracked Quadtrac format, the new tracks are 305mm longer, giving more ground contact offering enhanced power transfer, greater traction, and reduced compaction.

Faresin PF1.14 electric wagon
Faresin revealed its first all-electric Leader PF 1.14 self-propelled mixer wagon with 14 cubic metres capacity.

The machine is powered by a 91kW, 210Ah lithium iron-phosphate battery integrated with Farmatics telematics for remote control, which is installed in the rear engine compartment. Traction power is provided by a 51kW electric motor positioned in the rear axle, which also transmits motion to the front axle via a cardan shaft. The system has two gears that allow travel up to a maximum speed of 20 km/h.

The Leader PF Full Electric has four drive and steering wheels that allow three types of steering. It is also equipped with a hydropneumatic suspension that can be adjusted in height via a control in the cab, allowing comfortable and safe driving.

A 45kW electric motor supplies power for all types of mixes thanks to the eight mixing speeds. In addition, a special cleaning function allows the auger to completely discharge the mixture inside the mixing tub.

MF 9S Series tractors
Massey Ferguson launched its 9S tractor series of six models ranging from 285hp to 425hp. This new range replaces the outgoing MF 8700S series. All six models are powered by an updated six-cylinder, 8.4-litre AGCO Power engine, with Engine Power Management (EPM) offering up to 30hp extra for all models, except the flagship 9S.425.

Models start with the MF 9S 285 at 285hp with a max EPM power of 315hp, while torque output is 1,250Nm at 1,500rpm at max power, and rises to 1,400Nm at 1,500rpm with EPM. 

Updates to the engine include a new turbocharging design with a single advanced turbo replacing the twin turbo system. The 660-litre fuel tank is 10 percent larger than previous models, while the engine is also designed to run on HVO fuel.

The new models are fitted with MF’s renowned Dyna-VT continuously variable transmission that offers new power management to deliver additional power and torque compared with previous models.

Krone Lemken VTE auto vehicle
Krone and Lemken joined forces to present their VTE automatic towing vehicle with a Krone mower attached. All implements on this vehicle are automatically re-adjusted by means of high-quality sensor systems to ensure that optimum working quality is always achieved.

Power is supplied by a diesel MTU four-cylinder engine that delivers 230hp to a generator, which then supplies electrical power to both axles and the power take-off. 

A standardised interface connects the towing vehicle with the attachment device and ensures continuous data exchange in real time. In this manner the data recorded on the attachment device and forwarded to the towing vehicle is continuously compared with previously defined values. 

In case of deviations, changes are made automatically to the setting of the attachment device. In extreme cases of malfunctions or damage, the unit is stopped. • 


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