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Manure Expo: Announcing your top 10 Rejected Manure Expo slogans

May 9, 2024  by  Bree Rody

You participated, we graded!

The North American Manure Expo is just a little over two months away. And besides the exciting exhibitors, demonstrations, tours and education sessions, one of the hallmarks of the Expo is the signature T-shirts, featuring the top-10 rejected Expo slogans – created and voted on by you, the readers of Manure Manager.

Check out our top 10 rejected slogans for the 2024 Expo:

  • If applying manure is an art, just call me Poocasso.
  • You dump it, we pump it!
  • Our second wind is just as strong.
  • Wet or dry, we let it fly!
  • Unleash your true poo-tential!
  • The grass is always greener on our side.
  • Our product is (literally) the sh*t.
  • Manure: It’s what’s for fertilizer.
  • Manure matters.
  • Doody calls!

Make your way to the Manure Expo July 17-18 in Auburn, NY to grab a T-shirt with these works of art immortalized.



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