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Announcing the top 10 rejected Manure Expo slogans

July 19, 2023  by Manure Manager

With only a few weeks to go before the Expo, our team has been hard at work in preparation. One of those crucial steps is selecting the top-10 “rejected slogans” for the Expo – which were submitted by you, fans of Manure Manager and Expo attendees!

These slogans will be immortalized on the annual Expo T-shirt, which will be available to pick up at the Expo.

Without further a-doo-doo, here are the winning slogans:

  • Stool’s out for summer!
  • We’re #1 in the #2 business.
  • It’s a real sh!t show!
  • We do not stand behind our product.
  • If you hear the moo, we have the poo.
  • Powered by assoline.
  • Good crap = good crop.
  • We will take crap from anyone!
  • Experience the aroma of success at the Manure Expo!
  • Not all gold smells the same.

The Manure Expo takes place in Arlington, WI on Aug. 9-10. Space on the tours is limited; register today to reserve your spot.



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