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See who’s speaking at the North American Manure Expo

June 28, 2022  by Manure Manager

The North American Manure Expo is approaching quickly. Held July 13-14 in Chambersburg, PA, the Expo will feature networking, tours, demonstrations, trade shows, education sessions and so much more.

On the second day of the expo, attendees can attend up to four education sessions. Sessions include topics such as: weed seeds in manure; injecting manure into cover crops; manure and soil health; precision agriculture and variable rate manure application; injection and drag hose corn side-dressing and more. Attendees can also gain valuable credits through these sessions.

Here are just some of the industry experts who will present at the Expo:

Glen Arnold

Session: Side-dressing emerged corn with injected liquid manure using a drag hose
Glen Arnold is a professor with Ohio State University and serves as an extension field specialist in the area of Manure Nutrient Management Application. His research efforts have been to move livestock producers and commercial manure applicators toward applying manure to wheat and corn during the growing season to capture more manure nutrients. His work with emerged corn involves using three 12-row manure side-dress toolbars to subsurface apply swine and dairy manure through the V4 stage of growth.

Nick Hepfl

Session: Investing in soil health and manure
Nick Hepfl is the agricultural technician with Clearfield County Conservation District. After growing up on a small family dairy farm in western Pennsylvania, Nick began working on several thousand-acre grain and beef farms while attending college at Clarion University for Environmental Biology. Nick has been with the Conservation District for six years and works with approximately 500 farmers to implement programs and promote soil health.

Melissa Wilson

Session: Injecting manure into cover crops
Melissa Wilson is an associate professor and manure nutrient management specialist at the University of Minnesota with appointments in both research and extension. Her research focuses on filling knowledge gaps about manure nutrient cycling as farming practices, weather and technologies change. She is also currently evaluating techniques for opening up the window of opportunity for manure application.

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