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Grants and programs: Ag and rural safety

September 21, 2023  by  Bree Rody

Ensuring the health and safety of your workers and operation is paramount. But time and money are often in shorter supply than we’d like. Fortunately, there are a number of grants available for those looking to improve safety on the farm. The following programs, grants and courses are listed on the Rural Health Information Hub.

Deadline: Oct. 15

CHS Seeds for Stewardship Grants

Matching grants to cooperatives for programs to strengthen hometown communities, with priority given to projects that enhance agriculture safety, farmer well-being, agriculture education, and rural community vitality.

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No deadline (programs ongoing)

AgriSafe FarmResponse On-Demand Course

Online, on-demand course that provides training on competencies that are necessary to provide appropriate mental healthcare for agricultural producers and their families.


Learn more here.

AgriSafe Nurse Scholar Program

A distance learning opportunity available to rural nurses designed to increase knowledge base in prevention, identification, and assessment of diseases related to agricultural work exposures. A partial scholarship is available for nurses working in nonprofit organizations, Rural Health Clinics, Federally Qualified Health Centers, government agencies, and educational institutions. A full scholarship is available for nurses from Illinois that work in Rural Health Clinics, government agencies, academia, and nonprofit organizations.

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CHS Ag Health and Safety Grants

Grant funding for national and regional agricultural health and safety initiatives that provide training, equipment, and/or industry expertise to help keep farm families and rural communities safe.

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National Center for Farmworker Health Learning Collaboratives

Virtual learning collaboratives that provide Health Centers and other farmworker serving organizations with regular training sessions, technical assistance, and peer learning focused on topics that impact agricultural worker communities, such as language access, social risk factors, and increasing access to care.

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Online Self-Paced Learning: Farm Toxicology for Primary Care – Recognition and Management of Pesticide Poisoning

An online self-paced course that focuses on the recognition and management of pesticide poisonings in primary care, including the long-term consequences of pesticide exposure.

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