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Tools of the trade: Manure gas safety checklist and resources

September 14, 2023  by  Bree Rody

It might be a cliché to call something a “silent killer,” but hydrogen sulfide can severely alter or take a life without being seen or heard. As a colorless, flammable and above all else, hazardous gas, it is a common element in manure handling, particularly in agitation and pumping.

Hydrogen sulfide is common in enclosed pits, but can also collect in open air lagoons and low-lying areas. Contrary to popular belief, it still poses a risk outdoors.

If you handle manure or pay someone to handle manure on your farm, a safety checklist is essential for working up close with one of the environments in which hydrogen sulphide can gather.

University of Minnesota Extension, University of Wisconsin Center for Agricultural Safety and Health, University of Wisconsin-Extension, USDA and the National Farm Center have made the following documents and resources publicly available for reference, downloading and, if necessary, printing for your operation:

This article is part of the 2023 Safety Week series


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