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Environmental Stewardship classes offered in CA

March 14, 2012  by Press release

March 12, 2012 – The California Dairy Quality Assurance Program (CDQAP) is offering free classes in environmental stewardship March 20 and 21 in Stockton, Ca.

The two-part series of classes, known as the Environmental Stewardship Short Course, will be taught by Dr. Deanne Meyer, University of California – Davis livestock waste management specialist. The classes total six hours, taught in two, three-hour segments. This will be the only six-hour class offered in water quality by the CDQAP prior to the Sept. 30 deadline for certification. For producers interested in certifying their facility, the same person from the dairy facility must attend all six hours of water quality education. The classes cover environmental issues, regulatory requirements and management practices for dairy producers.

These classes offer an overview of water-quality related environmental regulatory requirements for California dairy producers. Producers completing the classes will hopefully acquire a better understand of the regulatory requirements and how to comply, reducing their risk of facing unnecessary enforcement actions, fines and other penalties. Completion of environmental education classes is also a necessary step for producers desiring to achieve CDQAP Environmental Certification. To be certified, a producer must:

  • Attend environmental stewardship education classes (6 hours of water quality and 2 hours of air quality if the dairy is located in air district with regulations for dairy);
  • Create and implement on-farm management plans consistent with regulatory requirements for the local area; and
  • Successfully complete an on-site evaluation of the dairy to assure compliance with all environmental regulations. Water quality classes must be completed PRIOR to the on-farm evaluation.

Past and partial attendance hours can be credited. Producers who need three or fewer hours of water quality education may attend just one of the two classes offered. If attending only one class, it is recommended that producers attend the first class because it contains a current regulatory update and other important matters of interest to producers. Producers who have attended previous CDQAP water quality courses and want to check on whether they have completed enough hours may call (530) 574-0524.



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