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Tools of the trade: Pit safety checklist

September 14, 2023  by  Bree Rody

Manure pits are an essential and important aspect of manure handling. But the structures pose multiple simultaneous risks. Besides asphyxiation and general gas safety risks – a risk which we covered in our earlier Tools of the Trade article – pits can also pose spill and drowning risks.

Accidental entry from individuals or vehicles is a major risk, and thus all pits require safeguards against unanticipated entry. Pits also require proper circulation, and other measures to limit access, keep key pathways clear of obstruction and guard risky components.

This checklist by AgSafeBC is a printable PDF for you to store and distribute among your workers. Please ensure that you are also assigning responsibility for these items and inspecting regularly, rather than once.

Download the PDF here.


This article is part of the 2023 Safety Week series


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