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Three more Wisconsin dairies partner with DTE Biomass Energy in RNG project

August 17, 2020  by Manure Manager

DTE Biomass Energy, in collaboration with local dairy farmers, recently commissioned three dairy-based renewable natural gas (RNG) facilities in Wisconsin.  Joining DTE’s four Wisconsin operating RNG projects are facilities co-located at the Rosendale Dairy and New Chester Dairy owned by Milk Source, and Kinnard Farms, owned by the Kinnard family.

“This is a natural extension of our ongoing efforts to further reduce modern farming’s carbon footprint,” said Jim Ostrom, co-owner of Milk Source. “We appreciate DTE’s expertise in the field, which allows us to continue doing what we do best – milking cows – while DTE creates renewable natural gas.”

“Converting dairy waste to RNG is a great way to reduce our carbon footprint in the dairy industry while adding a new revenue stream to our farming business.” said Lee Kinnard, owner of Kinnard Farms. “We are pleased to join the other Wisconsin dairy farms that are contributing to improving the environment with DTE.”

Biogas from cow manure at these three dairy farms is collected and processed into pipeline-quality natural gas.  This RNG is then trucked from the farms to a DTE RNG terminal located in Newton, WI, where it is injected into a nearby natural gas transmission line for ultimate use in compressed natural gas vehicles.



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