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On TRACK: May/June 2009

June 1, 2009  by On TRACK

Bobcat Company and Polaris Industries Inc. recently announced a
long-term strategic alliance aimed at penetrating global work-related
Bobcat, Polaris announce strategic alliance
Bobcat Company and Polaris Industries Inc. recently announced a long-term strategic alliance aimed at penetrating global work-related markets.

The alliance will include co-development of work vehicles, supply of highly differentiated work vehicles and technology sharing, with a planned launch by the second half of 2010.

“We are thrilled about the long-term implications of this alliance,” said Richard Goldsbury, president, Bobcat Americas. “Bobcat’s and Polaris’ long traditions of innovation, product passion and similar cultures complement each other very well.

“We are combining the strengths of the number-one compact construction equipment manufacturer with those of the number-one off-road vehicle manufacturer to deliver innovative product solutions for our customers,” Goldsbury said.


Scott Wine, CEO of Polaris Industries, said the alliance is consistent with Polaris’ goal of diversifying beyond power sport segments and will enhance efforts to accelerate the growth of the company’s military and international business.

“Initially, Polaris will produce and sell highly differentiated work vehicles to Bobcat for sale through the Bobcat dealer network,” he said. “The breadth and depth of our cooperative efforts will expand thereafter to include co-developed vehicles for both Polaris and Bobcat and further technology-sharing.”


John Deere adds new skid steer attachments
John Deere Construction & Forestry has added three new Worksite
Pro™ attachments for its skid steer and compact track loaders,
including a side discharge bucket.

Four side discharge buckets, ranging in widths from 60 to 84 inches, are available in two styles. The SD (dust) models are for lighter materials such as mulch, sawdust and straw, while the SA (aggregate) models are for materials such as lime, sand or gravel.

Worksite Pro side discharge buckets feature a direct drive hydraulic motor on the discharge belt and allow unloading from either the left or right side of the bucket. Manually adjusted discharge gates control material flow.

The SD models have an agitator driven by a separate motor to prevent light materials from bridging and to ensure a more consistent flow of material. SA models have a bridging plate to keep weight off the belt and prevent motor stalling.

All side discharge buckets are compatible with standard-flow Deere machines.

Octaform Systems receives certification
Octaform Systems Inc., a North American manufacturer of finished concrete forming systems, recently completed the requirements of the NSF Drinking Water Certification Program.

Acquiring this certification allows Octaform to be used in municipal water treatment facilities. In addition to water treatment plants, Octaform can be utilized in agriculture and food processing facilities that require potable water certification.

NSF/ANSI Standard 61 – Drinking Water Treatment Components: Health Effect – is certification that applies to every water contact material, product and system. This standard is required by regulation or policy in 43 of 50 U.S. states and 11 of 13 Canadian provinces and territories. NSF is an international, non-profit, non-government certification organization located in Michigan who supplies health and safety based risk management services.

Parkson opens new water research facility
Parkson Corporation recently opened the new Parkson Water Research Facility, located in Pompano Beach, Florida, near Parkson’s headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

This new facility provides for the piloting of water and wastewater technologies and includes an on-site laboratory designed to speed the evaluation of process-effectiveness testing. The on-site laboratory also supports product design and development activities, as well as, management of necessary maintenance for installed pilot units.

The primary objective of the new Parkson WRF is to facilitate water related research and to accelerate the development of new water and wastewater technologies. In addition, the facility will investigate and enhance value-engineering improvements to existing Parkson products on an ongoing basis.

Several pilots of Parkson products are installed at the facility and provide a hands-on training platform for both internal and external clients.  The facility can also serve as a small-scale operational training facility for new users with specific product training needs.

New backhoe attachments for New Holland tractors
New Holland’s new 900 Series utility backhoes attachments for tractors have significant improvements in operator visibility and ease of operation.

Consistent with New Holland Boomer™ tractor styling, the new 900 Series curved boom design provides increased visibility and complements New Holland’s compact and utility tractors.

Four new tractor-mounted backhoes offer digging depths of 6 feet, 7.5 feet, 8.5 feet and 9.5 feet with transport heights of 65 inches, 79 inches, 84.7 inches, and 96 inches, all with a full range of bucket sizes. The 910GH, 920GH, 930GH, and 940GH workhorse backhoe attachments have 180° swing arc and bucket rotation.

The 900 Series utility backhoes feature two-lever control for easy operation of boom, dipper stick, bucket, and swing. The controls are mounted in a low-profile console for unobstructed vision, giving operators a view of the bucket and worksite without stretching and straining.

DSM’s LitterGuard™ litter amendment
During these difficult economic times, poultry producers are seeking a litter amendment for their broiler houses that can minimize the harmful effects of ammonia and pathogenic microorganisms, promote bird health and productivity, and lower their costs, without adversely affecting the surrounding environment.


DSM’s new LitterGuard™ is a natural, organic, microbial-based poultry litter amendment that reduces ammonia and pathogenic bacteria levels, improves the health and performance of birds, and remains environmentally-friendly to poultry, people, and natural resources.

Used as a component of an ongoing maintenance program, LitterGuard can help enhance cost savings by minimizing energy needs, increasing organic waste decomposition, decreasing litter cleanout and replacement, and helping to preserve the integrity of groundwater and soil.

DSM provides technical service, production, distribution facilities, plus sales and marketing in more than 100 countries.

Air Phaser controls odors and VOCs


A company in British Columbia, Canada – Air Phaser Environmental –  is producing non thermal plasma technology to control odor and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

The technology removes vent air odors from compost, manure, biosolids and animal feeding operations by converting the odor, VOCs and complex organic compounds into water and carbon dioxide. It can handle air flow from 1000 to more than one million CFM.

The compact technology can easily be installed into existing operations and can replace bio-filters, scrubbers and thermal oxidizers with less energy use.

MobyDick releases Automatic Wash Bay Module  


MobyDick has introduced the Automatic Wash Bay Module for tire, undercarriage and chassis washing. The wash bay system uses high flow washing technology with a scraper-conveyor system that automatically collects, dewaters and discharges settled solids, eliminating the need for vacuum truck, backhoe or front end loader cleaning. The MobyDick wash bay is suitable for permanent or mobile applications at agricultural sites.

New Veenhuis slurry mixer
Besides its four and five meter slurry mixers, Veenhuis has a new six-meter mixer available. With this new length, Veenhuis is responding to the need for longer mixers to accommodate larger manure pits.

The six-meter mixer combines low traction with high paddle propulsion. This enables the mixer to blend large quantities of slurry into a homogenous substance quickly and without issues. For optimum results, a reversing box can be fitted to the main axle, allowing either a pulling or slowing direction.

The mixer can be coupled to a tractor through a three-point linkage and quickly and can be positioning and repositioning by one person. A guiding frame is available for guiding the mixer into the manure pit. An accompanying frame in the pit (bricked or poured in) guarantees a stable construction.

Because the mixer requires minimal power, it is also suitable for use with light tractors. The mixer is fully galvanized and the paddle is sprayed in dual-component lacquer. This makes the mixer resistant to the effects of slurry, guaranteeing long life and minimizing maintenance costs.

EzSpred Fp2 compost spreader
FSI Fabrication Inc. of Sunnyside, Washington, recently released the EzSpred Fp2 compost spreader.


With more than 30 years experience building spreaders, FSI goal with the EzSpred Fp2 was to produce a unit that could evenly spread compost at widths of up to 60 feet and rates between six to eight tons per acre. FSI started the process with the Fp series EzSpred design, which the company had been produced for more than 10 years. They added the additional hydraulics necessary to power two, 38-inch spinners with six blades each with a variable speed range from 350 to over 900 RPM. A beater was installed between the metering gate and the spinners, designed to insure that a more uniform material would be spread. The “tip out” feature of all EzSpreds was incorporated for ease of maintenance. All controls are mounted together in a separate panel for operator ease of use.

Several models are available to meet different users needs, including spreaders as short as 14 feet for mounting on new or used TerraGator-style movers up to 35 foot long semi trailer units.


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