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New study reveals benefits of agricultural biogas

October 27, 2020  by Manure Manager

A recent report indicates the climate benefits of agricultural biogas are greater than previously thought. Written by Aarhus University’s department of agroecology in Denmark for the Danish Energy Agency, the report examines the climatic and environmental effects of degassing different biomass compositions.

The report looks at the relevant effects of biogas – including energy production, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, ammonia volatilization and nutrient use – and quantifies them to assist in designing future sustainability subsidies.

The study found increasing the amount of time manure is kept in biogas plants from 45 to 60 days decreased GHG emissions significantly. Holding the biomass for longer than that has only marginal benefits in GHG reduction.

It also found that methane emissions from cattle manure are higher than previously thought, while methane emissions from pig manure are lower. So, degassing cow manure can have major climate benefits.


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