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Puck unveils new boom truck lead pump

October 28, 2020  by Manure Manager

Puck Enterprises, manufacturer of liquid transfer equipment, has unveiled its new Boom Truck lead pump.

The Boom Truck is manufactured for flexibility and reach, allowing better, easier access to tanks and lagoons. It’s equipped with a CAT 13B DRPTO engine that can achieve 577 horsepower (hp), which translates to a 3,200+ gallon per minute pump capacity. Engine control and monitoring with Puck’s LightSpeed control system software is available. 

The new truck’s boom utilizes Puck’s suite of hydraulic and electric control systems to ensure that an operator can place the boom exactly where it needs to go. Boom Truck also has a 70-foot boom reach, which is supported by four large outriggers. The boom is controlled wirelessly, meaning an operator can maneuver and spot where the boom is going. 

The lead pump is designed for maneuverability – it is compact, but still meets DOT width requirements. Operators can also tow with the Boom Truck, allowing them to move more equipment to their next venture. 

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