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April 27, 2015 – The North American Manure Expo’s T-shirt slogan contest has spread worldwide with rejected theme ideas coming from as far away as Germany.

The Associated Press picked up on the fun promotional T-shirt twist late last week and, over the weekend, articles appeared in newspapers across the U.S. and on TV news broadcasts.

As of April 27, more than 400 suggestions had been collected.

The slogan for the Pennsylvania show – 2015 Manure Expo: Manure than you can Handle! – is an amusing play on words. To help continue the fun, a T-shirt with the slogan on the front is being created. On the back of the shirt will be the “Top 10 Rejected Manure Expo Slogans.”


But organizers are sure that some of the crappiest have yet to be suggested. A few examples include:

  • Manure Expo: Immerse yourself
  • Manure Expo: Where nobody stands behind their product
  • You provide the creek, we provide the paddle
  • Keep your friends close, and your manure further
  • The future of what’s left behind!
  • We do doo. Do you?
  • Manure Happens (to be Nutritious!)
  • Been there, Spread that…@ the North American Manure Expo
  • Proud survivor of North American Manure Expo … It got deep.
  • Heaping piles of fun!
  • North American crap shoot

Slogans are being collected through May 15. Please submit slogans by visiting and following links to submit a slogan. Alternatively, you can submit slogans to Manure Expo co-chair Robb Meinen at, 814-865-5986.

T-shirts will be available for free to the first 600 people that register for the event on the website and redeem their printed registration form at the Manure Manager magazine booth on July 15. Shirts will be available for purchase on the website in the weeks leading up to, and after, the Manure Expo, although shipment will not occur until after July 15 because Rejected Slogans will not be revealed until that day.

People who submit a slogan that makes the shirt will receive a free shirt.

To learn more and register for events, visit


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