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Manure spill to small creek in IA’s Union County

June 2, 2016  by Iowa Department of Natural Resources

June 2, 2016, Thayer, IA – Union County maintenance staff accidentally nicked a hose May 31 used to transport manure while mowing a right-of-way about one mile north of Thayer.

The hose was not in use. However, about 800 to 900 gallons of residual manure leaked from a small hole. An unknown amount of manure reached an unnamed tributary of Four Mile Creek.

Farm representatives reported the spill as they responded, quickly placing small dams in the unnamed creek to collect manure and pumping it out to land apply.

Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) staff checked the unnamed creek. Field tests showed low ammonia levels. They found no dead fish.


DNR has been on site and concluded most of the released manure probably remained in the right of way or on the shoulders of the gravel road.

The farm continues to clean up, scraping and gathering manure along the road edges.

The DNR will consider appropriate enforcement action.


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