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Lagoon closure demo being held in NE

October 11, 2016  by University of Nebraska

October 11, 2016, Lincoln, NE — The Nebraska Extension Animal Manure Management Team will be hosting a lagoon closure demonstration on Nov. 1 at the Haskell Agricultural Laboratory (HAL) in Concord.

The demonstration will offer a unique opportunity to hear about and see the step-by-step process for planning and conducting a lagoon closure.

The day will begin in the classroom at 10 a.m. where attendees will learn about Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) rules and recommendations, the history of the HAL swine lagoon and future plans for the land where the current lagoon stands. During the afternoon, attendees will view what has been done so far and lessons that have been learned, discuss equipment needs and options, observe sludge removal and application, and examine the soil profile beneath the lagoon.

Livestock producers with lagoons or earthen manure storage basins that need to be closed or might be closed in the future should plan to attend. Consultants or others that work with producers with earthen storage basins are encouraged as well. Those with an interest in learning more about closure of lagoons or manure storages are welcome.

“The workshops will give producers considering a closure the knowledge and resources necessary to do so while minimizing environmental risk,” said Leslie Johnson, UNL AMM coordinator.

Pre-registration is required for all workshops. There is no cost to attend with pre-registration, but those who have not registered will be charged $10 at the door to cover lunch expenses.

Workshops are sponsored by the Nebraska Extension AMM Team, which is dedicated to helping livestock and crop producers better utilize the states manure resources for agronomic and environmental benefits.

For additional information on this and to pre-register, visit or contact Johnson at 402-584-3818, email


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