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Innovations: November/December 2009

January 5, 2010  by Manure Manager

Challenger recently introduced what it described as “the most powerful
and innovative row crop tractor in North America” — the Challenger
MT600C Series.
Challenger MT600C Series


Challenger recently introduced what it described as “the most powerful and innovative row crop tractor in North America” — the Challenger MT600C Series.

The series is available in four models with maximum gross engine horsepower from 270 hp to 350 hp.
Built for the professional farmer, the MT600C Series offers simplicity and performance with the introduction of the TechStar™ continuously variable transmission (CVT) with Power Management. The TechStar CVT provides infinitely variable forward speed variations up to 32 mph. The Power Management feature, which can be activated from the cab with the push of a button, automatically coordinates engine speed with the transmission, helping the tractor to operate as efficiently as possible. This allows the tractor to maintain the most productive engine speed and transmission gear in any task and any field condition. The CVT always operates the tractor at the optimal speed and most effective RPM levels for the desired speed.

Challenger is taking operator comfort and convenience to a new level by introducing a new cab. The four-post, Pinnacle View cab, surrounded by 67 square feet of glass for a 360° view, is almost 30 percent larger than the previous model. With professional farmers covering more acres and spending more time in the cab, it addresses the needs for comfort and office-like conditions they demand. The new cab design puts command of the machine at the operator’s fingertips. Using the Challenger Tractor Management Center (TMC), nearly every tractor or implement function can be quickly controlled and modified to suit a variety of operating conditions.

The MT600C Series also features an integrated ISOBUS control system, which uses the TMC Display as the operator interface. This gives the operator the flexibility to use the tractor with any ISOBUS compliant implement, no matter the manufacturer.

The Challenger tractor also includes several other innovative features. A new sculpted chassis has been developed to withstand the enormous stresses and loads that professional farmers put these tractors under on a daily basis. The chassis, combined with new front axle support and integrated front linkage system, provides a solid foundation for the optional front three-point hitch that is mounted directly onto the front of the chassis rails. The front linkage has a lift capacity of 11,000 pounds. A bigger rear linkage system has also been constructed with larger lift cylinders and stronger lift arms to provide an incredible lift capacity of 22,760 pounds at 24 inches from the link ends. A programmable, multi-directional joystick allows the operator to program the flow and speed of all functions and then repeat them by moving the joystick, which helps shorten cycle times and reduce operator fatigue.

John Deere 8R Series


John Deere is bolsteing its lineup of high-powered row-crop tractors with the introduction of its 8R Series Tractors.

The lineup includes six wheeled models that range from 225 to 345 engine horsepower and three track models that range from 295 to 345 engine horsepower.

One of the hallmarks of the 8R Series Tractor is the John Deere CommandView™II Cab. Inside, operators will discover a roomy work environment equipped with integrated monitors and controls. Visibility is enhanced in all directions.

Each 8RT Tractor is equipped with John Deere’s AirCushion™ Suspension System first made available on the company’s 9030T Series Track Tractors.

And for the first time ever, John Deere is making its Infinitely Variable Transmission (IVT™) available on 8RT Series Track tractors. It’s standard on the 8345RT and optional on all other models. With an IVT, operators can use a single lever to smoothly shift from 0 to 24 mph, or any speed in between.

Maximum transport speed has been increased up to 24 mph on the track models. In addition, fuel capacity on the 8RT Series has been expanded to 200 gallons — a 54 percent increase compared to its predecessor. An available Category 4N/3 rear hitch provides the track tractors with up to 18,300 pounds of hitch-lift capacity. Hydraulic flow is now rated at 60 gpm.

All 8R and 8RT models are powered with the 9.0L John Deere PowerTech™ Plus engine, which meets current Tier III Emission Standards.

Massey Ferguson 8600 Series


Massey Ferguson introduces the Massey Ferguson® 8600 Series high-horsepower row crop tractor to North American farmers.

The MF8600 Series tractor combines the power of the AGCO SISU Power® 8.4L engine with the latest innovations in engine management and transmission technology, then adds operator comforts and conveniences.

With the MF8600 Series, Massey Ferguson extends its line into a new power sector – up to 275 PTO horsepower, 350 engine horsepower – by equipping each of the four models with the 8.4-liter (514 cu. in.) AGCO SISU Power® engine. The series includes the MF8650 with 205 PTO hp/270 max. engine hp; MF8660 with 225 PTO hp/295 max. engine hp; MF8670 with 250 PTO hp/320 max. engine hp; and MF8680 with 275 PTO hp/350 max. engine hp.

AGCO SISU Power engines maintain maximum torque between 1,185 and 1,550 rpm and deliver constant power down to 1,570 rpm.

A new chassis-rail frame, combined with a new sculpted front axle support casting, provides a solid foundation for the MF8600 Series and allows a tighter turning radius. Larger final drives and the muscle to handle larger draft loads and weight are additional benefits of the new heavy-duty front axle.

The MF8600 Series features DTM, which automatically coordinates the engine and transmission to minimize rpms, maximize power to the ground and optimize fuel efficiency. DTM is activated with the push of a button, and ground speed is selected using the Dyna-VT transmission. Automatically, the DTM will set the most efficient engine speed, hold the ground speed and maintain power under a load. Because DTM technology allows the engine and transmission to work as one, it helps prevent unnecessary engine wear while optimizing engine power, fuel efficiency and productivity.

With limited moving parts, including no clutch packs that are prone to wear, the transmission is designed for long life. It offers the convenience of a 1200-hour service interval, as well as a self-contained oil-bath to eliminate the potential for contamination from hydraulic remotes or the rear axle.

The MF8600 Series tractor was built with input from farmers who can work up to 14-hours a day in a tractor cab. As a result, the MF8600 Series offers standard features that bring new meaning to “comfort.” Features include:

  • A roomy four-post design cab with a large picture window view of 67-square-feet of glass
  • The OptiRide™ four-corner cab suspension featuring an hydraulic damper and accumulator system which, when combined with the new QuadLink Suspended Front Axle system, reduces vibration by 50 percent and provides a smooth ride
  • A redesigned, seat-mounted central command arm that puts all the key functions, including up to six hydraulic control valves, at farmers’ finger tips. The control arm also includes the optional Datatronics IV Control Center Display (including video capacity) designed to help manage and monitor any ISOBUS-compliant implements hooked behind it.
  • Headland Management allows multi-function operation of up to 35 tractor and implement commands at the push of one button, improving productivity while reducing fatigue.

New Holland T7000 Series


The five models in New Holland’s 135- to 195-PTO hp T7000 Series tractors combine driver-focused, performance features with power and productivity. The operator can settle into the seat and adjust all the major controls exactly as they like because every function is designed for efficiency and control.

The T7000 features the AutoCommand™ Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT), which combines the features of a hydraulic drive system and a mechanical drive system to provide fuel economy by enabling the engine to run at its most efficient RPM for a range of speeds. The AutoCommand CVT also offers a choice of automatic, cruise and manual modes.

The tractor’s SideWinder™ II armrest, mounted to the T7000’s air-ride seat, accommodates the most frequently used tractor controls and is electronically adjustable front and back on an inclined plane so that any size operator can move it into the position that’s most comfortable and efficient. The armrest houses New Holland’s CommandGrip™ multi-function controller, engine throttle, electro-hydraulic joystick, electronic draft control, PTO engagement, and electro-hydraulic rear remotes.

The IntelliView™ III touch-screen display on the front of the armrest is bright and clear for reduced eye fatigue and the position is also adjustable to ensure optimal line-of-sight for any size operator. The screen tracks tractor performance (work rate, area worked, fuel efficiency, etc.).

The CommandGrip multi-function controller is at the heart of the tractor controls. In addition to housing eight of the most frequently used operational controls, it also controls tractor movement. The operator can push it forward or pull it back to change speed or direction. The further the controller is moved away from the rest position, the higher the tractor speed. When the desired speed is reached, the controller returns to the rest position and the speed is maintained.

One of the controls on the multi-function controller is for the New Holland Custom Headland Management System. This system provides operators with programmable, one-button control of headland-turning, resulting in fewer repetitive functions, less operator fatigue and greater productivity. Controls to manage the three-point quick raise, IntelliSteer™ auto-guidance system, cruise control, and target speed selection and adjustment are also located on the controller.

Valtra S Series


Valtra recently introduced a new line of large S Series tractors that offer professional farmers and/or custom contractors more power and comfort.

The S Series offers five new tractor models ranging from 270 to 370 horsepower.

The heart and backbone of the new S Series is the AGCO Sisu Power 8.4CTA-4V engine and stepless AVT transmission (AGCO Variable Transmission).

The S Series introduces advanced Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) engine technology, a system originally developed for trucks where nitrogen oxide emissions are reduced by spraying the urea-based AdBlue additive into the exhaust gas stream. The AdBlue consumption is approximately three percent of fuel consumption, meaning the 35-liter AdBlue container has to be filled every second fill of the main diesel fuel tank. SCR technology helps to reduce fuel consumption by about five percent, allows power to be increased without also increasing the heat load, prolongs the life of lubrication oil and improves reliability.

The S Series pulling power, hydraulics and linkages allow drivers to control even the biggest and most complex implements. The rear linkage has a lift capacity of 11 tonnes. The front linkage has a lifting capacity of five tonnes and is also available with front axle suspension. The hydraulics offer an output of 200 l/min, six hydraulic blocks and a direct power beyond coupling.

The tractor weighs 10,300 kilograms but can be increased to 14,320 kg with weights or 17,640 kg with double wheels.


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