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Innovations: May/June 2009

June 1, 2009  by Innovations

Manure tankers
Jamesway introduces new Tanker Transfer Kits
Jamesway Farm Equipment introduces a new family of Tanker Transfer Kits. These kits may be added to highway tankers or truck mounted field tankers to allow quick and easy unloading into another tanker.


Many large operations use highway tankers to supply manure to a trailer tanker. This “tanker nursing” allows the field tanker to apply a far greater number of loads per day, plus the tanker and tractor tires are not subject to the wear associated with road travel. Additionally, the road stays clean since the field equipment stays in the field and the road equipment stays on the road.

Jamesway Transfer Kits use all bolted connections so the transfer arm may be mounted on the left or right. Bolt-on accessories include high-mount spread nozzle, low-mount spread nozzle or hose connection kit for long distance transfer. The kit may be configured with the input from the top, bottom or side to accommodate a wide range of retrofit applications, and the controls may be rear mounted or cab mounted. The impeller kit is all T1 steel and features a swing-open front for easy service or cleaning. The hydraulic drive motor is mounted to the proven oilbath bearing chamber found on all Jamesway pump kits.

F&M Trailers Inc.
This Indiana-based business is now offering slurry tankers with its line of hopper bottom grain trailers and land levelers. The tankers are available in 36-foot long, 5-foot diameter (5184 gallons), 36 foot long, 6-foot diameter (7344 gallons), 40 foot long, 5-foot diameter (5760 gallons), and 40 foot long, 6-foot diameter (8100 gallons). They feature a double swing boom with a 90-degree swivel for unloading on either the driver or passenger side. The boom can be controlled by remote. The tankers also feature air ride suspension and front and rear fenders. The under carriage is coated with a rubberized undercoating. The fill box trap door is opened using a remote-controlled air cylinder. The F&M control box is hand-held and has a 300-foot control range. An eight-inch cleanout is located on the tanker’s front dome and a six-inch drain is found beneath.


GEA Farm Technologies


GEA Farm Technologies recently introduced a new, fully automated articulated suction pipe available on its spreader tank line. This new product is design to improve the self-loading process and also allow operation directly from the tractor, reducing the time of setup. According to the company, the articulated suction pipe provides a faster solution and is more efficient and easier to operate. More information is available at area GEA Farm Equipment/Houle dealers.



The new Kirchner tankers with rotary-pumps and polyester tanks are available as tandem trailers with 19,000 liter (5000 gallon) capacity or as tridem trailers with 23,000 to 27,000 liter (6000 to 7100 gallon) capacity. The standard rotary piston pump delivers 4110 liters per minute (1085 gallons per minute) at 650 rpm and 5000 liters per minute (1320 gallons per minute) at 800 rpm. All machines can be equipped with different distribution systems, such as cultivators, and other optional equipment, such as hydraulic drawbar suspension or air ride suspension.
Kirchner liquid tankers are available in North America through Wendel Mathis Inc. in St. Sylvere, Quebec, 819-367-3610.


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