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On Track: July/August 2008

September 4, 2008  by On TRACK

Website offers section for TerraGator NMS
Ag-Chem, an application equipment manufacturer for ag retailers and growers, has enhanced its website: .

The site now includes a section dedicated to the TerraGator® Nutrient Management System™ (NMS), providing more information on proper application of bio-solid nutrients and the key role it plays in overall nutrient management plans.
The website provides information, photos and downloads on the fully integrated system. It includes the two TerraGator chassis models – the four-wheeled 3244 and the five-wheeled 9205 chassis. The SGIS GTA 500 software measures crop nutrient removals, soil test levels and environmentally sensitive areas to create application maps. The NMS system can then inject bio-solids directly onto grasslands, arable land, small grains and corn stubble with different types of application systems– dry, liquid and spinner – according to the prescribed maps.

“Ag professionals are increasingly being required to more closely manage the use and accounting of applied bio-solids and manure,” says Arnie Sinclair, TerraGator NMS sales manager. “The website offers information on the four-step process the TerraGator NMS uses to accurately apply those nutrients where they are needed in an environmentally friendly fashion.”
The TerraGator NMS handles a wide range of materials including poultry manure, bedding manure, cake bio-solids, lime and lime sludge, compost and organic byproducts. The NMS can apply liquid or solid material easily and efficiently, up to 80 feet wide with some systems, and application rates easily adjust from one to 30 tons per acre.

New multi-purpose disinfectant for swine
Activon, Inc. recently released a new Enivronmental Protection Agency (EPA)- accepted disinfectant, EfferSan.


EfferSan is an effective, economical and versatile disinfecting and sanitizing agent designed for use in swine facilities and quarters. EfferSan contains hypocholorus acid, which penetrates cell walls and deactivates an organism’s primary energy-producing functions. When dissolved in water, it creates a mild, skin-friendly solution that eliminates and destroys a broad range of bacteria, even highly resistant strains.

EfferSan effectively disinfects in five minutes against Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, and Salmonella enterica, and will sanitize in one minute against Salmonella typhi on pre-cleaned, hard, nonporous surfaces.


While many sanitizing
chemicals are harsh on skin and surfaces, EfferSan solution has a
near-neutral pH level that reduces irritation. The small four-gram
tablet allows easy mixing, handling and storage. The tablets have a
non-hazardous DOT rating and a three-year shelf life.

EfferSan is easy to apply and use with no rinsing required after
application. Additionally, EfferSan controls odors while leaving no
unpleasant odors or harsh residues.

Two new products from Hydro Engineering
With the high price of today’s fertilizer, even application of manure and sludge is a necessity!

Hydro Engineering’s new PSI Transducer with digital readout head in the cab was developed to give the draghose injection toolbar operator a monitor to measure the manifold pressure reading down to one tenth of a PSI.

Hydro’s Equalizer Manifold requires 3 PSI for even distribution to all toolbar injectors. Tank wagon operators will find this instrument to be beneficial in determining if they have a plugged injector on the toolbar, as the PSI will rise when plugging occurs and a drop in PSI will tell when the tank is running empty.

Hydro Engineering’s new Battery Powered Hydraulic Pack can operate hydraulic valves for load stands that fill tank wagons or semi tankers and operate hydraulic dump valves on pumping units. This hydraulic power pack can be controlled by using a hard-wired push button, FM radio keypad mic or by using small key probe size remote transmitters.

For more information about these products, call Hydro Engineering Inc. at 1-800-833-5812.

SEMA Equipment distributing Dutch Compost System
SEMA Equipment Inc., located in southeastern Minnesota, is the new U.S. distributor for the Dutch Compost System.
Developed by Dutch Industries of Pilot Butte, Sask., the Dutch Compost System is an in-vessel compost system designed to provide an “environmentally friendly” way to dispose of daily hog, poultry, road kill and cattle mortalities. The contained system controls odor, eliminates flies, eliminates leachate and destroys bones in less than a week. It works well year-round.

semaThe system looks similar to a bulk feed bin. The hinged lid on the top of the insulated hopper opens and mortalities and carbon are dumped into the machine, using either a tractor with loader or an optional dump cart lift. When the machine is started, a stirring arm inside stirs and mixes the product. Special “teeth” within the machine destroy the hides and bones and blend the material with the added carbon. The system is designed so more material can be added daily until it is full.

The tank can hold from to 3,000 to 5,000 lbs. of mortalities before it is full. When full, it takes about two days for the material to reach pathogen destruction temperature and for the composting process to be complete. At this point, the material can be unloaded with a conveyor for piling or spreading.

Some of the benefits of the Dutch Compost System include:

•    Fly control,
•    Odor control,
•    Bone destruction,
•    Discourages rodents and other animals,
•    Self mixing (No routine turning),
•    Insulated tank provides for year round use,
•    Lower cost than incineration,
•    Good for neighbor relations
•    Environmentally friendly,
•    Assists with biosecurity, eliminating the risk of disease spread from rendering trucks, birds and other animals,
•    Optional heaters to help frozen materials break down quickly,
•    Very easy to operate.

For more information, contact Jim Keune at 507-273-8536 or visit .

newproductforNew product for agricultural building construction
Octaform Systems Inc., a producer of stay-in-place PVC concrete forming systems, has developed covers for tilt-up and pre-cast panels.

Structures such as barns will have walls with bare concrete exteriors. Octaform’s panel covers will be used as the walls’ interiors. The PVC panel covers are easy to sanitize as well as water and fire resistant, contributing to the optimal health of livestock and excellent preservation of grains. In addition, the finished walls improve lighting conditions by reflecting artificial and natural light.

“Pre-cast and tilt-up structures can now save their owners costs related to cleaning, lighting and maintenance,” said Ryan Bester, Octaform’s director of sales.

Tilt-up panels are formed on the ground at a jobsite, whereas pre-cast panels are formed and then transported to a jobsite.

Octaform’s panel covers are made by connecting multiple PVC wall components to form a single cover. Builders can customize the length of their panels by increasing or decreasing the number of wall components.

For both the tilt-up and pre-cast applications, Octaform’s PVC covers are used as bases and cast into concrete panels with a maximum height of 30 feet. When the panels are built, their tops are left bare once the concrete is poured. After the concrete hardens the panel covers stay in place and the panels are tilted into position using a crane. They are then welded on to anchors already embedded in the concrete footing to form a structure’s walls.

The panel covers are available in three colors: white, beige, and light gray; custom colors are available upon request. The panel covers come in three profiles: flat, corrugated and octagonal. Insulation can also be added during construction of the panels to reduce heating and cooling costs.

Octaform Systems Inc. produces PVC stay-in-place concrete forming systems and provides pre-cast and tilt-up panel covers plus cast-in-place forms.

HJV Equipment named Ag-Chem dealer
AGCO Application Equipment Division recently announced HJV Equipment as a representative for Ag-Chem-branded products in eastern Canada.

HJV, which is based in Alliston, Ont., will now be the one-stop resource for RoGator and TerraGator application equipment sales, support and related spraying accessories for custom applicators and innovative growers located in Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.

“We’re pleased to be associated with a company like HJV,” says Doug Daws, Ag-Chem director of sales. “As our dealer, they’ll combine our well-known sales team with a complete service offering designed to keep Ag-Chem equipment performing at its peak and maximizing customers’ uptime in the field.”

HJV Equipment has five full-service equipment locations in the company’s coverage area with numerous mobile technicians and overnight parts drop locations to support their customers.

“We’re extremely excited to add the Ag-Chem brand to our agricultural product line. Ag-Chem is a well-known, respected name in the sprayer industry, and we feel it allows us to offer a complete equipment solution to our customers,” says Brian Kennedy, sales manager for HJV Equipment.  


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