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Innovations: March/April 2009

April 29, 2009  by Innovations

The Magnum SX Pump is available in three models – the SX 1000, the SX 2000, and SX 2600. The 1.75-inch gearbox drive shaft features 20 splines, providing lots of power. The gearbox casing is also easy to mount with four cast iron legs. No bolt heads are within the pump housing, resulting in less turbulence. The impeller speed has been reduced by 30 percent for less wear on the pump’s moving parts. These pumps are specially designed for slurry pumping using either tractor, engine or electric drive and can handle volumes up to 1300 gallons per minute.

Cornell Pump Company
Cornell Pump Company, continues to introduce new pumping equipment for the animal waste industry. Cornell offers more than 25 models of waste handling pump models with multiple design features for low-head transfer to high-pressure application in the field. Cornell also offers four separate impeller designs to fit specific pumping applications.


In addition to the existing high-pressure solids-handling and grey water handling pump models, recent product additions include high-pressure pump models for big gun and injection applications with semi-open impellers that handle stringy materials and slurries.  This impeller design also incorporates a cutting action as the product flows through the pump.

The latest model added to the product line, 4514T (5x4x14-inches), was developed to fit design conditions between the 4414T and 4NHTB models. This pump has an enclosed, two-vane impeller and produces up to 2000 GPM and up to nearly 160 PSI (1650 GPM @ 108 PSI @ best efficiency). Cornell’s newest offering is a heavy-duty, high efficiency, low maintenance product, with a heavy-duty bearing frame.
These models are available close-coupled to electric motors, frame-mounted for flex-coupling to a driver, or SAE mounted direct to an engine bell housing. Also available is the Redi-Prime vacuum assisted option for automatic priming. Shafts are sealed with a packed stuffing box, the patented Cycloseal mechanical seal design, or the Cycloseal with a Run-Dry option.


Doda produces both vertical and horizontal chopper pumps which can be powered by tractor, engine or electrically. The chopping system consists of two static and one rotating chopper blade made from a vanadium and manganese alloy. The waste passes into the pump and through the high-speed impeller system that utilizes an adjustable pressure plate to chip the waste again.

The Super Vertical Chopper PTO Pump is available in the six inch (150) and eight inch (200) models and are made from hot dipped galvanized or 304 stainless steel for durability. The pumps come in a variety of lengths ranging from four to 13 feet. Special sizes are available.

The Super ME (electrical) Vertical Chopper Pump comes with a variety of wall and floor mount brackets to fit every need.  They come in a variety of models with power ranging from three to 100 HP. All ME pumps come with C-face motor design, eliminating the need for pulleys. Manual change over from agitate to transfer is standard on all ME models.

The AFI Horizontal Chopper Pump is designed for the treatment of livestock slurry and is suitable for very thick manure. The thick part of the manure is shredded through a double chopping mechanism. The pump body, impeller, suction cell and pump support are housed in anti-shock and anti-freeze cast iron. The pump shaft is chromium plated and case hardened.

Fisher Pumps
Fisher provides low maintenance, submersible centrifugal manure pumps for high capacity slurry transfer. The four to six-inch diameter discharge pumps are available in three to 14-foot vertical settings. The impellers can handle solids up to three inches in diameter, including rocks, pop can and hooves. The self-cleaning impeller blade design prevents the build up of animal hair, straw and hay normally found in manure pits. Pumps can also be sized for sufficient flow to allow for pit agitation during pump out.
Standard pump features include:

  • double discharge design to equalize case pressure and maximize horsepower;
  • welded construction with no connections to seal or bolts that work loose;
  • constructed of heavy walled tubing;
  • bearings located above the water level meaning no oilers to fill daily;
  • self draining with no seals and no priming required.

Options include:

  • an agitation port with a slide gate located above case level;
  • a 90 degree gear box with PTO driveline for tracto powered operation;
  • a chopper blade attachment;
  • liquid level controls for automatic operation.

Gorman-Rupp Company
Gorman-Rupp has been manufacturing pumps and pumping systems for more than 75 years. The company's line of products includes self-priming centrifugal pumps, standard centrifugal pumps, submersible pumps, trash pumps, priming assisted pumps, rotary gear pumps and air-driven diaphragm pumps, including the T Series® and Super T Series® and 10 Series® pumps.


The T Series is a self-priming centrifugal pump with heavy-duty construction and an easy-to-service design. These pumps feature a large volute design, allowing them to re-prime automatically in an open system without the need for suction or discharge check valves.

The Super T Series offers the same features as the T Series plus additional design features, including external shimless adjustment, dual protection for bearings and an easy-grip cover plate handle.

Both of these pumps can be matched to the exact requirements of individual systems through different pump sizes, impeller trims and speed variations.

The 10 Series is specifically designed for handling solids, corrosives liquids and slurries. The pump design has few moving parts and maintenance is minimal. If a clog occurs, it can be removed through the cover plate opening without the use of special tools or the disturbance of pipes. The pump comes with a choice of seal configurations to handle different liquids.

Gorman-Rupp also provides a wide variety of educational, reference and safety information for pump owners and users on its website.


ITT Flygt
ITT’s water and wastewater division is launching a new generation of N-pumps offering new technology and more flexibility. The new generation can be ordered in hard iron for applications that require greater wear and durability. The pump was tested in lab and real conditions, including pumping water with high concentrations of coarse sand for about 200 hours, moving an estimated 2,400 tons of sand. The N-pump has also been equipped with insert rings containing relief grooves that, combined with the impeller, create a clog-free hydraulic unit plus protect the pump housing. Insert rings can also be ordered with cutting edges, converting the pump to a fertilizer or chopper pump. An inspection chamber has also been added to check for possible leaks and a thermal contact is provided that shuts the pump off if it overheats. The N-pump is available in various motor powers.


Jamesway Farm Equipment
Jamesway Farm Equipment introduces a 40HP electric Floating Pump, based on the Jamesway family of vertical electric pumps. This high output pump features the same 20-inch diameter impeller used on the Jamesway Flush Pump, and may be used to directly flush the floors in large dairies, or can recharge a flush system holding tower. Designed to operate with minimal maintenance, the lower bearing is located above the manure level and an oil reservoir maintains constant lubrication in the bearing chamber. 

An on-board hoist tilts the pump for easy service and the high quality floatation deck provides a stable platform for the pump.

The Nuhn G-Force Lagoon Pump is a new high-volume, high-performance pump designed for commercial, and large farm, use.


The clean and rugged design ensures low maintenance, and long life. With the Nuhn design, all of the energy from the tractor is directed into pumping, as opposed to wasting half of the energy on turning a prop. This results in massive agitation capacities and faster loading speeds.

To allow for longer life, the bearings are completely enclosed. Pressurized grease from a spring-loaded cup purges the unit of grit, like a wheel hub, which results in the most comprehensive lubrication system and seal in the industry.

To find out more information and to see a video clip of the Nuhn G-Force Lagoon Pump in action, please visit

Parma Company
This Idaho-based company provides two different kinds of pumps for slurry waste – the Parma Multi-Service Pump and the Parma Chopper Pump.
The Multi-Service Pump is recommended for low, lift-high volume pumping of water or slurry waste that does not require chopping. The Chopper Pump is recommended for slurry waste where smaller waste particles need to be chopped before pumping, such as dairy manure containing bedding, hay, etc.
Parma pumps have enclosed line shafts, oil lubricated with column bearings every four feet. The bowl assemblies, impellers and bearing housings are cast steel-type material for ease of repair and greater life. Low impeller speed also helps Parma pumps achieve long life.

Vaughan Company
For more than 40 years, Vaughan has been supplying livestock producers with manure pumps, including the Vaughan Chopper Pump, which is available in vertical wet well, submersible or dry well configurations. The chopper pump works by chopping up solids using the sharpened edges of the impeller. An optional disintegrator tool also helps to break up the larger solids before they enter the pump. The chopped solids are easily pumped through the system without clogging and an upper cutter helps to keep the mechanical seal area of the pump clean. The chopper pump features heat-treated cast steel parts for a long life in an abrasive atmosphere. A heavy-duty seal and bearing system also provides for longevity of service. Oil bathed bearings provide self-cooling and lubrication without the need for a water flush.

Other manure pump designs available from Vaughan include the FP26Unmanned Floating Platform, designed for lagoon maintenance, dewatering, field irrigation or sludge removal and the Turbo Agitator a directional mixer designed to rotate the contents of sludge pits and pull the settled solids from the bottom.


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