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FEECO providing granulation system to university

August 12, 2013  by Press release

August 12, 2013, Green Bay, WI – FEECO International, a manufacturer of granulation equipment, is assisting in a project in partnership with the University of Wisconsin-Madison at a dairy farm in Cleveland, Wisc.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Accelerated Renewable Energy Consortium (ARE) has partnered with Maple Leaf Dairy and several other entities to investigate on-farm technologies that will transform manure into a variety of bio-based products.

The pilot scale project is in response to the growing issue of handling mass amounts of manure in a cost-effective way for farmers. In addition to relieving the growing manure handling problem, project success would ultimately result in improving soil fertility on farms, open new opportunities for income to farmers, and also serve as an experimental ground for determining process scale-up.

FEECO is providing process design as well as a granulation system to the project. FEECO’s granulation process, which utilizes a paddle mixer, a grinding mill, and a rotary dryer, will transform pressed sludge into a granular organic fertilizer.



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