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Design of largest cow manure biogas plant begins

December 11, 2012  by Press release

December 11, 2012 – An anaerobic digester facility, expected to handler the manure of 60,000 dairy cows, is being constructed in the USA. It will be the world’s largest biogas plant for cow manure and will be constructed as a joint venture through entec biogas USA. The plant will be developed in a irrigated desert area near El Paso, TX, with intensive cow breeding.

Since the available areas cannot be used for spreading the extreme quantities of manure and to convert the manure into a usable, commercial product, a treatment plant for the treatment of the manure is needed. The first step will be construction of the biogas plant. Also, a compost plant and a wastewater treatment plant will be part of the treatment.

Construction of the biogas plant started in November.



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