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Puck reaches a new milestone

April 22, 2021  by  Bree Rody

Image: Supplied, PuckImage: Supplied, Puck

Liquid transfer equipment specialist Puck has passed a milestone this year. It’s debuted its 300th TTR-20 hose reel, which is now operating in-field.

Jeremy Puck (pictured), president and CEO of Puck Enterprises, says the company is extremely proud of the milestone, and that the new product represents “the continued growth of our company and family of brands over the last 40 years.”

Initially launched in 2015, the TTR-20’s core design has mostly stayed true to its original form. However, there are some new features to the latest generation including rear-axle air brakes and hydraulically actuated air brakes in the front axle for better handling with tractors or semi-trucks. It has also enhanced its turntable platform, which now rotates on a bearing system instead of a plastic wear plate. The hitch has been updated with an A-frame design to provide more strength and stability when navigating rough terrain and obstacles.

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