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Biogas news: Weltec develops new use control interface

February 9, 2024  by Manure Manager

Weltec Biopower’s control system for biogas plants has received a general update focused on new functionalities and a user interface upgrade. The previous control system sections previously known as LoMos an CeMos will also merge under the new name WB Control, which can be used for small and large industrial operations.

The web-based software contains a customizable dashboard for data overviews and comprehensive monitoring of plant data. Diagrams and reports can be created individually according to defined values and summarized into regular overviews, allowing agitators to be controlled individually.

The new user interface enables numerous business evaluation options, such as trend analyses and other graphical evaluations of individually defined values such as consumption data or production figures. Data can be provided as proof for authorities, banks and external experts.

Newly integrated function FellowFeed measures the target filling level of the gas and automatically adjusts the feeding quantities if required. Another new function, GuidoFill provides operators with a tool that supports the correct filling of their solid matter feeders with a mixture of input materials. On the basis of job lists, pumping and feeding processes can be precisely timed and displayed using the filter function. Overviews of gas management and water distribution allow other material flows in the system to be monitored.



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