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Alltech creates new tool to reduce pig vice behavior

March 17, 2021  by  Bree Rody

Canadian pork producers will soon have a new way to reduce pig vice behavior. Animal health and technology company Alltech has created a new solution-based product aimed at curbing pigs’ bad habits.

The company has introduced AllBite, a new block that discourages pigs from chewing on their pen-mates and ultimately reducing vice behaviours such as tail-biting, ear-biting and general aggression. It is brand new to the Canadian market.

The block is molasses-based, which encourages pigs to chew on it. It comes on a 23-pound, biodegradable container and hangs from a fence or ceiling from a chain. The ultimate goal is to discourage problematic behaviour in pigs that ultimately lead to reduced ROI in the swine industry. According to Alltech, the block had a 93% success rate in reducing or stopping tail. biting.



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