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Two Minnesota digester projects no longer moving forward

September 12, 2023  by Manure Manager

This time last year, Danish company Nature Energy had big plans to break ground in the U.S.

Nature Energy, which specializes in digesters that incorporate manure and food waste, set its sights on Benson and Wilson, MN, for its first two U.S. digester projects. It also reportedly had plans for digesters in Roberts, WI as well as in Quebec, although the Roberts application was retracted in late 2022.

Since then, Nature Energy has been acquired by global gas giant Shell – which announced last month that all U.S. projects would be strategically suspended. Nature Energy’s U.S. site, which contained information on its proposed Minnesota sites, no longer exists and redirects users to the company’s main site.

Responding to a request for comment from Manure Manager, a rep from Nature Energy issued the following statement:


Nature Energy, a wholly owned subsidiary of Shell plc (Shell), has strategically suspended all of its projects in the U.S. In line with efforts to deliver maximum value, we consistently review our portfolio projects to ensure the right mix of assets and, when needed, take necessary action to ensure the prudent commercial course is achieved.


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