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Sampling soil for phosphorus still requirement in CA

November 26, 2013  by Paul Sousa Western United Dairymen

November 26, 2013 – The Central Valley Water Board has recently sent out letters to all dairies covered under the General Order for existing dairies notifying them the order has been revised and reissued.

The letter explains the reason for the reissuance and summarizes what changes have been made. A link is included in the letter where the reissued order can be downloaded but hard copies can also be provided to those who request them.

One of the requirements that has not been changed is the need to sample soil for phosphorus once every five years. Most dairies originally conducted soil sampling in 2008 so it’s time to sample again before the end of the year.

The water board is allowing dairies to sample 20 percent of their fields annually instead of every field once every five years, so if you have been doing that just remember to report your soil sample results with your annual report.

If you have any questions on the reissued order or its requirements, including soil sampling, contact Paul Sousa at the Western United Dairymen office at (209)527-6453.


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