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Resonant Technology Group finds significant GHG reduction from SOP Lagoon product

June 26, 2023  by Manure Manager

Utah-based Resonant Technology Group has released peer-reviewed research from the University of Milan and UC Davis, published in Sustainability reporting significant reduction of GHGs from dairy lagoons within weeks of the first use of its SOP Lagoon product. Specifically, the lagoons saw 80 percent less methane and 75 percent less carbon dioxide.

SOP Lagoon is a pit additive developed by Italian Firm Save Our Planet and marketed by Resonant.

The study took place over three-and-a-half months in-field at a 520-head dairy in Northern Italy.

According to Resonant, a 250-head dairy farm would require 3.7 ounces of product per head per year, resulting in an approximate retail cost of $2,000.


Read the full release here.


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