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IWCA series: Kelly Daynard

July 2, 2023  By AgAnnex Talks

In our first episode of the 2023 Influential Women in Canada Agriculture podcast series, we speak to Kelly Daynard, executive director of Farm and Food Care Ontario.

In her long-time role as a public trust advocate, Daynard shares meaningful stories and information with consumers to broaden their understanding of Canadian food and farming. This includes bringing people to farms both in person and virtually.

She also introduces Canadians to the people behind their food through several innovative programs. And she goes above and beyond her role to further help the industry and her community.

In this episode of AgAnnex Talks, Daynard, one of the 2023 Influential Women in Canadian Agriculture, speaks with Canadian Poultry editor Brett Ruffell about the importance of educating Canadians about their food, how her unique background prepared her for her career, her insights on the future of agriculture and more.

IWCA is a program created by the agricultural brands at Annex Business Media designed to recognize women who make a difference in Canada’s ag industry and provide them with a platform to share their knowledge, triumphs and advice.

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Special thanks to Bayer Crop Science, platinum sponsor of the 2023 Influential Women in Canadian Agriculture program, for sponsoring this series.

Special thanks to FCC, gold sponsor of the 2023 Influential Women in Canadian Agriculture Program, for sponsoring this episode.