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Pequea Spreaders

March 7, 2008  by Innovations

Pequea, a family owned
manufacturer of U.S. made agricultural implements based in New Holland,
Pennsylvania, has introduced its line of manure spreaders that ease
pasture management by offering consistent spread patterns.

Pequea Spreaders


Pequea, a family owned manufacturer of U.S. made agricultural implements based in New Holland, Pennsylvania, has introduced its line of manure spreaders that ease pasture management by offering consistent spread patterns. Pequea’s model 125 PTO and 175 PTO spreaders feature eight or 10 aggressive beaters that produce a faster manure output, wide spread pattern and are designed for maximum application. Pequea’s manure spreaders are constructed with solid poly flooring that prevents the rotting floors associated with wood flooring, as well as freezing in cold temperatures. Each spreader is equipped
with a poly coated T-Rod drive chain. By utilizing a T-Rod instead of traditional link chains, Pequea spreaders extend intervals for chain replacement and minimize customer downtime.Model 125 PTO and 175 PTO spreaders use a fully enclosed oil bath gearbox for long life with trouble-free maintenance. Spreaders also feature heavy-duty pipe, bolt-on paddles and carrier bearings for improved beater durability. Beaters are detachable for easy replacement and are made from durable 0.5in steel.

Pik Rite


Pik Rite of Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, is the manufacturer of Hydra-Ram spreaders, including the model 795 Hydra-Ram Spinner Spreader. This spreader – with a volume capacity of 400 bushels and a load carrying capacity of 11.5 tons – |can apply ‘almost anything you put in it’, including pen packed manure, poultry manure, saturated poultry manure, fly ash and wet lime. It can also apply it in a spread pattern up to 30ft wide. The spreader offers superior quality plus additional features, including: a direct hydraulic drive, a self-contained hydraulic system, four horizontal spreading spinners, a single wheel system, a positive unloading controlled feed system, and a detachable
spinner/beater panel.

Meyer Manufacturing


Meyer produces a full line of V-spreaders for hauling liquid, semi-solid, pen pack, sludge or litter. The spreaders feature a versatile, three auger design to equalize the load and eliminate bridging. Best of all, the rear unload design and vertical expellers provide the best spread pattern available while the mess stays behind. Sizes range from 260 to 865 bushel or 1350 to 4,00 gallons. The V-Max series is a clear choice when low load height is a concern. Mid-sized operators will appreciate
the V-Force models from 400 to 500 bushels. Large operations should look at the Industrial 8720 or 8865 units, which are constructed using heavier tanks, axles and drive train.Spread widths vary from 15ft to 50ft, depending on application. Pull-type or truck-mounted styles are available in all models. Independent lower auger shear hubs protect the farmer’s investment on 500 bushel and larger models (optional on smaller units).

JBS Limited


British Columbia, Canada based JBS offers two types of spreaders: the pull-type and the truck-mounted Vertimax Manure Spreader.
The pull-type Vertimax manure spreader is built tough to handle the challenges of the modern farm. It comes with 650/55R 26.5 tires that allow for high speed use, heavy capacity and still offer great flotation. Chains in the spreader box feature an open barrel design, meaning less binding. Each chain slides across a plastic floor for reduced friction, less noise and longer life. The spreader comes standard with a guillotine tailgate, ensuring applicators have control over how much manure gets
to the beaters. For protection of the drive components, the spreader has both a shear bolt for operation protection and an over-running clutch for shut down protection.The truck-mounted Vertimax manure spreader features a 110hp hydraulic motor capable of running the spreader beaters at the same speed as the Vertimax pull-type spreader. It is available in lengths up to 20ft and offers a 19 cubic yard heaped manure capacity. It can also spread square bales quickly and evenly to meet bedding and spreading needs.

Kuhn North America


The 8100 series ProTwin Slinger manure spreader is simple and dependable, provides an even and controlled spread pattern, eliminates material bridging, spreads a wide variety of material and is versatile.
The spreader features a patented twin-auger design that provides even and consistent material flow to the discharge. The left auger moves the material forward to the hammer discharge while the raised right auger moves the material rearward while keeping the left auger charged. When the material enters the hammer discharge, each hammer swings down into the material, peeling it off, pulverizing it and slinging it underhand into an even and controlled spread pattern.
Universal hammers eliminate the need for separate left, right or center hammers and improve the spread pattern, especially when spreading pen pack manure. The ProTwin Slinger can spread a wide variety of
material, including gutter manure, slurry, pen pack, yard scrapings, sand-laden manure and bedding materials. It can also be used for applying side or top dressing materials in orchards or on turf grass, and can also be used to apply mulch or compost. The spreader is available as either a truck-mounted or pull-type wagon.

Frontier Equipment

Marketed through John Deere, Frontier Equipment offers two models of manure spreader, the MS1442H (holds 425 bushels when heaped) and the MS1455H (holds 550 bushels when heaped). Both feature: 0.5in thick solid virgin poly floors and sides for less friction, structural floor supports 9.5in apart for maximum support; heavy-duty horizontal, PTO driven beaters with over-run clutch and shear bolt protection, a
one piece beater panel for better support of the top beater; a hydraulic endgate, made with a heavy-duty steel frame and solid virgin poly, standard with dual lift cylinders; heavy-duty, one piece hitch that extends to the wheel axles; a front splash guard, heavy-duty swing away jack and optional rear pan.Heavy-duty vertical beaters are also available. The spreaders’ beater assembly is easily removed for stockpiling manure and has a fast unloading time.


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