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On Track: November/December 2009

January 5, 2010  by Manure Manager

Patz Corporation recently unveiled the OZy™ Manure Treatment System,
the newest addition to the company’s line of manure handling equipment.
Patz introduces OZy™ Manure Treatment System


Patz Corporation recently unveiled the OZy™ Manure Treatment System, the newest addition to the company’s line of manure handling equipment.

The OZy utilizes a patented electrical pulse technology to treat the manure at a microscopic level, without additives or chemicals. The system is a very simple concept. From one corner of a manure pit or lagoon, liquid manure is drawn out and enters the OZy unit where it is run through a series of electrical reactor tubes. As the liquid manure flows through the tubes, it is hit with electrical pulses. The electrical pulses destroy the odor causing bacteria and pathogens. The liquid manure exits the OZy unit and is returned back into the opposite end of the same pit or lagoon it was drawn from.

Stray voltage is not an issue with the OZy system. Each component of the unit is bonded to either the metal platform of the stationary unit or to the steel decking of the trailer unit. A final ground is then required to an appropriate ground location either through an established ground device or through the supplied grounding rods.


When properly installed, the OZy grounding process removes the possibility of stray voltage and does not provide any electrical hazards to the equipment, farm, people, or animals.

The OZy Manure Treatment System is automated, easy to operate, quiet and is a totally self-contained mobile unit. It uses no chemicals, additives or oxygen (ozone) with the OZy technology.

It’s designed for hog and dairy producers and manure applicators to treat liquid manure on site for odor and pathogen reduction, and nutrient concentration.  

Patz showcased the OZy Manure Treatment System at several farm shows this past fall, including the Ohio Farm Science Review and at the World Dairy Expo. Company representatives were on-hand at both farm shows to explain how OZy’s patented technology works and treatment results.

Instinct™ nitrogen stabilizer impresses in Iowa field trials
Growers in Iowa recently received a first look at Instinct™ nitrogen stabilizer’s performance in on-farm field trials.

Instinct is registered to stabilize urea ammonium nitrate and manure applications in the soil, protecting nitrogen at the plant root zone and optimizing yield potential. This benefit was tested in 76 trials held in all regions of Iowa during the 2008 growing season. Results from the trials showed that acres treated with Instinct yielded five bushels more per acre on average compared with untreated acres.

One of the first on-farm field trials to test Instinct was conducted on the Williamson Brothers farm near West Bend, IA, in cooperation with MaxYield Cooperative. Trial results showed that corn grown in soil treated with Instinct produced higher yields than corn grown without an application.

In their trial, the Williamsons applied UAN stabilized with Instinct nitrogen stabilizer on three 90-foot strips containing 12 rows each that alternated with three strips applied with un-stabilized UAN.

The first treated strip yielded 205 bushels per acre, more than 19 bushels per acre higher than the corresponding untreated strip. The second treated strip came in at 177 bushels per acre, compared with 169 bushels per acre in the corresponding untreated strip. The third and final treated strip yielded 20 bushels per acre higher than the corresponding untreated strip.

With a wet, cool spring to kick off the 2008 season, the Williamson brothers were skeptical of how well Instinct would perform.

“The trial field was very damp in one end and it was a big problem,” says Roger Williamson, who farms 4,000 acres with his brother, John. “To see the yield results we did out of that location really surprised me.”
As an encapsulated product, Instinct remains stable on the soil surface for up to 10 days, allowing flexibility in fertilizer application and incorporation. Instinct can be incorporated mechanically or with a 0.5-inch of rain or irrigation.

EasyFix offers products for cattle producers


EasyFix Rubber Products recently displaying its range of products at the World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin.

Utilizing Vulcanized natural rubber backed by a five-year warranty, the EasyFix slat Rubber System provides durable and robust rubber slat flooring. EasyFix’s patented wedge installation design makes them simple to install and keeps them firmly in place. EasyFix’s tread pattern gives cattle of all types traction, helping to reduce injuries resulting from slippage, increasing live weight gain, improving milk yield and fertility, and enhancing overall animal comfort, welfare and performance.

“Getting cattle onto soft rubber flooring and matting and off hard concrete makes for a more contented cow that produces greater weight and yield,” says Noel Kelly, business development manager with EasyFix Rubber Products. “EasyFix remains dedicated to furthering ways to create this kind of environment for cattle housing facilities that are humane for the animals and benefit both the farmer and society.”

EasyFix products are available in North America through AGSourcing International, based in Kirkton, Ontario, Canada.

Parkson’s HiOx® Aeration System


The most energy intensive operation in any manure treatment system is aeration. Well over 50 percent of the system’s energy costs are associated with mixing and aerating. Through the application of basic aeration principles, the newest generation of the HiOx® Aeration System represents a breakthrough in aeration technology. HiOx increases aeration efficiency by 20 percent or more compared to fine bubble devices.

The HiOx Aeration panel, with its one-millimeter ultra-fine bubbles, achieves high efficiency. The high-density basin floor coverage, 25 percent and greater, results in maximum dirty water oxygen transfer efficiency. The Parkson design employs more membrane area than other aeration products. With the additional membrane area, the HiOx Aeration panels operate at a lower air flux rate than traditional diffused air systems. Lower air flux rates mean efficiency, significantly lower air requirements, and therefore lower power costs.

Simple air flexing keeps the HiOx membrane panels clean and operating efficiently for years. Each small group of panels (generally one or two) is typically supplied with an individual air feed piping system designed to allow maximum flexibility in operation and maintenance. Operators can fine-tune the air distribution in the aeration basins to best match the plant’s specific and/or changing needs. Small groups of HiOx panels or even individual panels can be isolated from the system and repaired during regularly scheduled maintenance.

The HiOx Aeration System requires a small fraction of the number of diffusers required for traditional fine bubble systems. Fewer diffusers translate into less piping. Smaller blowers and less air piping provide savings. For systems already using traditional fine bubble diffusers, it is easy to add significant treatment capacity by switching to HiOx panels and adding the right amount of air – no new basins are required.

Controls can be as simple or as sophisticated as required to ensure the HiOx panel system is delivering the exact amount of oxygen for the most efficient operation. The system can be designed for expansion. In a new installation, fewer panels may be required initially with the option of adding HiOx panels as the need increases.

HiOx panels have been in successful operation since 1990 and are backed by one of the most respected names in the industry – Parkson Corporation. The latest model incorporates all the best features of the long-standing HiOx design as well as a number of new features for ease of installation and maintenance.

AutoFarm releases totally integrated system
AutoFarm recently introduced an all-new precision farming system called ParaDyme.

Describing it as “the world’s first totally integrated precision farming system,” AutoFarm says the ParaDyme line offers a full suite of precision farming tools: planter control, application control, yield monitoring, data logging and mapping, GPS steering, wireless communications, plus remote real-time service and diagnostics.

The ParaDyme system will offer AutoFarm’s GPS steering, with options from WAAS to RTK, plus a wide selection of displays or controllers that will give customers choices from entry level to professional farming and custom application. The ParaDyme system also features 100 percent factory activated wireless and cellular communications with Remote Real-Time Service capability.

Autofarm has also announced that the company has formed an alliance with Ag Leader Technology, Inc., of Ames, Iowa. The alliance will allow ParaDyme products to operate with Ag Leader’s new INTEGRA display plus the recently launched EDGE display for planter control, application control, yield monitoring and other key functions in a fully integrated system.

AutoFarm will continue to offer the Viper Pro from Raven.


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