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OFA: Incineration “a very important option for deadstock disposal”

February 22, 2024  by Manure Manager

The Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA) has provided comments on ERO 019-8075: Proposed changes to how verification certificates are issued for incinerators regulated under Ontario’s Nutrient Management Act.

OFA was invited to participate in the consultation process for the ERO. The organization represents nearly 40,000 farm family members across Ontario.

“Incineration remains a very important option for deadstock disposal for Ontario’s farmers,” the OFA wrote in its official submission. “It must remain a viable option for the sector, particularly with the current shortages in deadstock collectors.”

With biosecurity and livestock health a concern, the statement added, “Incineration also remains an effective management tool for ensuring biosecurity protocols and minimizing the spread of potentially devastating disease, such as Avian Influenza and African Swine Flu.”

“OFA agrees with the need for incinerators to meet the existing standards for human and environmental health. Compliance with these standards remains important. However, we believe that whatever certification or verification process is developed, it must not add responsibilities or costs to the farmer, or burdensome red tape.”


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