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Nokian Ground King to release new sizes in January

December 17, 2020  by  Bree Rody

Image: Nokian

By 2021, the Nokian Ground King tire range will include more than 20 different sizes, making the products available to as many tractors as possible.

During the last quarter of 2020, as well as the beginning of 2021, the Ground King tire family will expand its selection, resulting in tires being available in the following sizes:

  • 420/70R28
  • 480/65R28
  • 480/70R28
  • 540/65R28
  • 600/65R28
  • 600/70R28
  • 540/65R30
  • 600/70R30
  • 600/65R34
  • 600/70R34
  • 650/65R34
  • 600/65R38
  • 520/70R38
  • 580/70R38
  • 650/65R38
  • 710/70R38
  • 650/85R38
  • 650/65R42
  • 710/70R42
  • 710/75R42

The company’s overall goal is to respond to the trend of tractor contracting jobs becoming more versatile throughout the course of the year. With new sizes coming to market, Nokian will be able to cover most medium and high-power tractors.


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